We are Thankful

We are thankfulIt is time for that wonderful cheesy Thanksgiving post that makes you laugh and remember everything that is important and special in your life. We decided to take a bit of a different approach this year and list the things we are thankful for and some or most of them may surprise you…

We are thankful for

Waking up at 7am…..because that means we have little people who love us

Lines at the grocery store….because it means we have the money to afford to feed our families

Over zealous hugs from relatives….because it means we are loved

Crazy, messy, loud, busy homes….because we have family and friends to fill them

Back aches….because it means our kids still want us to hold them and play with them

Messy hands….because it means we had the ability to prepare a wonderful feast

Football…..because to us that is part of family time

Headaches in the evenings….because we get them from the laughter and loud love of our family

Wine….because we found a way to control the chaos, or at least not care so much, and it helps with the headaches!

Dirty dishes….because that means we have full bellies

Dirty laundry….because it means our children had a great time

Long bed time rituals….because it means our little ones still want to spend time with us

Being tired and ready for bed….because it means we had a wonderful day

Basically we are overly thankful for everything and everyone in our worlds. We know how blessed we are to be here and to get days like Thanksgiving. Hug your family a little tighter this year.

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms