Cooking with Kids – Taco Night!

jaxs taconight 4I remember being in the kitchen with my mom when I was a kid. My mom is an amazing cook/baker. She identifies with the Italian side the most and can make just about anything. I was not so hot in the cooking department growing up. I was burned on my knee pretty badly when I was little so I stayed away from the stove just because I was afraid of the heat. I literally set the toaster on fire making toast AND set the toaster oven on fire making pizza bagels. I was a disaster….until, I was on my own. I moved out at age 20 and then I didn’t really have a choice but to figure it out. Ten years later here we are and I must say I have come a long way. I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it now.

My daughter loves to help out in the kitchen which is a positive thing but of course I am like a contestant on the food channel when it comes to making dinner. I am always doing things fast and don’t really have time to have my daughter help with anything when I can get it done quickly. When she goes over to my mom’s house she is able to help my mom in the kitchen and loves sending me pictures of the recipes they make. I guess I started feeling badly so I have been introducing her more and more into the kitchen at home. I started out my letting her put the seasoning on the chicken breasts, and stirring potatoes or washing veggies in the sink. She’s adorable in the kitchen and really enjoys it. I decided to let her help me make dinner. She’s 8 now and has shown me that she can be responsible enough to take her time and follow directions.

A family favorite in our house is Taco Night! Super easy to make and I love how fresh tasting they are. I crave them almost every week.

First we got out the aprons and washed our hands. I was pretty impressed that my daughter remembered to wash her hands before cooking. Now, with tacos there really isn’t very many components to it so it was an effort to make sure she had enough to do. She started by putting the cheese in a bowl, and washing the lettuce for me after I chopped it.

jaxs taconight 3

I didn’t want her to touch the raw meat so after I put the meat in the pan and it started to brown, she added all the seasoning to it and stirred it around.

jaxs taconight 2

I chopped the tomatoes, and since sour cream is as easy as opening the container and putting a spoon in it, she pretty much just brought all that stuff to the table. She helped me put the taco shells in the oven and pretty soon we were done. She was so excited to see the finished product. Such a simple meal for a child to help make, I already have the wheels turning on the next mommy-daughter dinner night.

What are some of your favorite meals for your kids to help with in the kitchen??


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