8 going on 18 – already a tween??

8 going on 18 - a tween alreadyWe have reached that age. The age that all parents cringe at When looking in the mirror and always having to be right are the most important things in the world! The age where you don’t even look up from the tablet or I-pad when extended family walk through the door anymore. Or when walking away because you just don’t want to hear what the other person is saying seems like a good idea, all tween like behaviors. I remember being this age but I am pretty sure it wasn’t until middle school. Well my little angel is 8 and in 2nd grade and the way she acts lately you would think her boyfriend just broke up with her on prom night. I could not possibly sound any older by saying this but seriously what is going on with kids these days!

I refuse to think it is only my child, I may be the hot mess mom but I have done everything I can to raise her properly. Don’t get me wrong, she is incredibly intelligent, loving, and sweet but lately it seems like if the attention isn’t all on her then the world is ending. Even in school, if the teacher doesn’t call on her every time her hand is raised she puts up such a stink. It’s like the age of entitlement and disillusion has come all too soon. She is pretty good on her own with just me or just my husband so I think more one on one time is needed. I work with kids every day and I’m certified in Parenting and I still can’t seem to figure out how to change the ways of my own 8 year old.

I love how I have to ask her if I can play with her hair now, or if I’m calling her name the response is “Whattt”; either in the most annoying whine or as if I’m interrupting her saving the world. What happened to yes mom and yes ma’am? I am a grown adult and I still say ma’am to people out of respect.

I’m pretty sure my husband and I haven’t had a conversation in about 2 years that didn’t involve my daughter interrupting us. Literally, it’s as if she saves up everything she has to say until she sees we just started talking about something; then she comes over and has her own conversation right in the middle of ours. I understand egocentrism when kids think the world revolves around them and they can stand right in front of you and the TV but have no idea that you can’t see it anymore. This might have been the case when she was 4 or 5 but not at 8.

We are going to Disney in March and I wish so bad that it wasn’t a surprise so I had something to threaten to take away lol. Every time she starts with one of her attitude episodes, my husband and I start mentioning boarding school out loud….that usually straightens her right up!

The Hot Mess Mom