Mom Phobias

Mom Phobias

As moms we are bombarded with choices. We feel pressured to make right choices no matter what.We want our children to have the best of everything, education, food, clothes, toys, and experiences, name it and of course we all want the best for our children. With all of this pressure it is no surprise that we have started to develop what I am lovingly calling mom phobias.

These can be anything from how much TV time the kids get to simple little things like drinking from water fountains. Yes, I have a huge phobia of her drinking from public water fountains, which is why I always have at least 3 sippy cups in my diaper bag.

Keep in mind my daughter does not live in a bubble. She is exposed to everything on this list. However, I am not going to lie every time I see or experience one of these, I have that moment of hesitation.

  • Falling off of every playground piece of playground equipment imaginable. Whenever I go to the playground my first thought is that she is going to fall and break something, especially her head. It is a constant fear and I have had moms tell me they never even think about it. I wish that could be me

Mom Phobias - Play Grounds

  • Riding in shopping carts; the bucket part not the seat. I have this fear that she will start to stand, fall out and crack her head open. Again with the cracking of the head open. I can just see her hanging over the side and slam onto the ground before I can get to her. I have never seen this happen nor heard of it but it is a constant fear. For now I just keep her in the seat part. I am dreading the day she is too big or we have a second baby that needs the seat.


  • Choking. Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows that I have a total mind numbing fear of my daughter choking. I have no idea why and it has happened where I had to act but that is easily my biggest fear and phobia. I still cut a lot of things for her if I am not sitting directly next to her. I guess the true phobia is that I will not be close enough or notice in time to act.


  • Eating food in restaurants or more specifically, the fear that she won’t eat and our meal will therefore be a nightmare and we will have to leave. This one really is not about her or her safety, unless you count me wanting to tape her mouth shut. I am sicker from the anxiety and fear of upsetting others, sad right! I always bring a thousand things to distract her. Even still my anxiety is always through the roof. We do not eat out that often but often enough where I should have gotten over this one by now, let me check…no, not over it yet.Mom Phobia - Eating in Restaurants
  • Drinking water from water fountains. I use to wrap my mouth around them, skivvy. Now all I can think of when she drinks from them is how many other little kids have done that. I also know the water is most likely just as pure as most water bottles but something about the public nature makes me think twice.


  • Losing her! This is a huge fear that is just starting to rein its ugly head. Now that she is almost 2 and VERY independent I am terrified I will lose her. I can just see her walking away and getting lost. We were just at Disney World and I cannot even count the number of anxiety attacks I had while she was walking around. I remember when I was little I would hide under clothes racks in stores and I thought it was funny watching my mom look for me. Sorry mom!

Mom Phobia - Losing HerI think that as parents most of us can agree to some of these. We are all just trying to do the best we can and parenting is hard! We worry about everything little thing they are exposed to from dyes in foods to video games. There are different fears for each phase, I no longer think about SIDS every time she goes to sleep but it still creeps into my subconscious every now and then. I think I am just so in love with this amazing little human we created I never want anything to happen to her.

My name is The Perfectionist Mom and I willingly admit I have a problem with overprotection. I am not proud of it but it is who I am and will probably NEVER calm down about it.

What are some of your biggest Mom phobias???


The Perfectionist Mom