Our Favorite Reasons Fall is HERE!!!

Fall is officially here!

fall leaves

What are you most looking forward to about this season?

The Scrambling Step Mom - Fall is my favorite time of year, especially now that I have kids. Halloween has always been one of my favorite “holidays”, and it is even better with kids! I also look forward for the weather to cool down a little bit. It is so hot 80% of the year here in Florida, and even cutting the humidity back a bit and being in the 70’s is FANTASTIC! I also LOVE fall decorations and smells! I know that sounds strange to some, but I love pumpkin EVERYTHING! I am sad when the pumpkin stuff comes off the shelves, and super excited once it is back! Fall leads up to the holidays, which is awesome! Family time is always great, and fall leads up to Thanksgiving & Christmas! What more could you ask for?!?!

The Naturalist Mom - I love the smell of fall. Although we don’t have much of a seasonal change in Florida, the air changes and it DOES smell different. I also love the idea of waking up and getting to wear warmer clothes. Although I am rarely out of my rainbow sandals and yoga pants, the idea is nice. Lastly, fall brings on the holiday season. I love the holidays. I love making memories with my kids and sharing/mimicking experiences from my own childhood. Fall is a season to reminisce.

The Not-So-Single Mom - Fall is finally here! Not that you can tell here in Florida, but the calendar says it’s here. The main thing I am looking forward to? COOLER WEATHER! I cannot wait until the temperatures start to drop! It is so hot, and so humid still. I cannot wait to let my daughter go outside and play on her huge swing-set that she got for her birthday without sweating like a bodybuilder and shooing off bugs the entire time. I want to open the windows and the doors and let in fresh air. Oh, I cannot wait! Another thing I am looking forward to is sales! Yes, sales. I want to go shopping! I want to hit the stores and the malls (and the internet!) while the holiday sales are going on…and my daughter is at school! I know, some of you are like WHAT?!? If you know me, you know that I hate going to the mall, or any place that will include crowds of people. Ok, so I don’t want to go out like a crazy lady on black Friday, but I do want to roam the stores in hopes of finding great deals for Christmas. This year I will have a little bit of time to actually go shopping without a baby tagging along, and I look forward to it, even if it is only a few stores and a few hours. Lastly, I am looking forward to spending time with my family. I know, that is every season right? Well, this fall we are settled in a new house and my husband will be home for a good chunk of the season. I want to go to the park, take our daughter fishing for the first time ever, maybe spend a weekend away with just him and our precious little girl. The weather will eventually be nice, and we can enjoy our time together, wherever it may be, without rushing into a store or back to the car for the much needed air conditioning! I really just want to spend time together doing whatever it is that we can find to do, before he leaves. He will be leaving to go back to work ON Thanksgiving and he will be gone past the new year. So, yes, I am looking forward to spending time as a family. <3

The Perfectionist Mom – I am looking forward to the weather change. Even it is just means the humidity is less, I’ll take it. Fall brings football (the best time of year) and lot of family time so that is always something to look forward too. My mom, my brother and I all have fall birthdays so we get to see each other more than usual! I will admit that I am a bit of a TV nut sometimes and fall is when everything I watch comes back! So that is always a highlight of the season. The holidays have the best smells and sights. Since I have been little I have loved the smell of baking and this time of year brings that out in spades. We get to buy all of the fun plugins that smell yummy. I get to make apple and pumpkin pies so the house smells yummy for real! I am really looking forward to passing those traditions on to Buggy. I also love the start of the holiday madness! Traveling all over creation to see everyone, dressing up our house! First is Halloween (home), so much fun! Then Thanksgiving (Dad’s House), right after that is Christmas (In-Laws w/ all the kids!!)! Our house is gorgeous for three months in a row! I love that, even if we only get to see it 2 out of three weeks. What could be better than football, family and a decorated house!

The Hot Mess Mom - Fall definitely has to be my favorite time of the year. Even though living in Florida we don’t see leaves change, or have the smell of a fire place, or have apple orchards to go picking; we still like to partake in as many fall activities as possible. We love the pumpkin patches and luckily there are a few around. Our favorite is the one that is attached to the farm fresh market not far from us. It’s a great big pumpkin patch with hay rides and lots of photo opportunities. We also love to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving and make art and craft projects using the kids hands and feet for ghosts or turkeys. One thing that you will always find in our house as soon as October comes is apple cider. It’s my husbands favorite and we love to drink it hot or cold. Regardless of the fact that we don’t have “real” seasons in South Florida, our family embraces everything we can from October to December!

What are you most looking forward to this Fall Season?? Please tell us in the comments! 

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms