5 reasons Christmas is Harder with kids
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5 ways Christmas is SO much Harder with Kids

I think it's time to get something off my chest, Christmas is SO much harder with kids and it's starting to suck. I know most of you, especially those who have started getting to know me are going...sorry what?? Harder with kids, you love being...
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Gift Guide for 5 year olds and UP! It can be so hard to find great educational toys for this age group. These Discovery Toys are educational, gender neutral, well made and well priced! Check it out!
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Gift Guide for Ages 5,6 and Up! PLUS: Different Ways we Learn & Play

When trying to figure out the best gifts for your kids this and every year it is very important to ask your child what they like. Then observe, how does your child learn best. There are seven ways that people learn:
  • Spatial - Visually
  • ...
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3-5 Year Old Toy Gift Guide PLUS: Kids and Screen Time

Continuing on with our introduction to Discovery Toys, an amazing internet sales toy company. They specialize in well made, gender neutral, interactive, EDUCATIONAL TOYS! That's right, no worthless toys that are going to break after the first...
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