What I am Thankful for

What I am Thankful ForAs Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, my head is certainly in Turkey mode. 2 weeks before the feast all I think about is the menu, new recipes, day of planning, how to make the Turkey different than last year, etc.  While my mind is completely on preparation, I will admit that I always forget what it’s all about. One time a year when I am supposed to proudly acknowledge what I am thankful for.

I’ll go with a classic favorite and say family. I grew up with just me and my mom and I always wanted to know what it was like to have a bigger family like you see on tv or like my friends at school.  Although I have 2 grey hairs already and sometimes I wish that the armoire had a secret passage to another land that I could escape to; in reality I wouldn’t change a thing. So much chaos in my house but so much love and laughter too. A husband who loves me more and more everyday and puts up with every single thing I throw at him. Two amazing kids who remind me constantly what unconditional love is. And the feeling that I get when I walk through the front door every day. (Almost every day, when the house is a mess and the dishes are overflowing out of the sink, and the trash stinks so bad but nobody will take it out; then I want to go back to work.)

I’m also thankful for the ability to make it through difficult situations and overcome.  I believe that without the hard times, I wouldn’t have known what the good times look like. Without the past you can’t have a future and when your past comes with difficulties and hardships, not only are you able to recognize the joys and fulfillment of your present, but also see the satisfaction that your future holds.

I have to be thankful for Patience, Self Control, and Strength. Without these I would have ran away or been locked in the looney bin quite some time ago. These virtues are not ones that I would say I was born with but perhaps developed over the years of raising children.

Every year I like to say a special thanks to our troops. My own personal gratitude for giving us freedom and fighting for what they believe in. Soldiers don’t get a 20 pound carved turkey, or home made mashed potatoes, or sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie. And they especially don’t get to hold hands with their loved ones around the dinner table and kiss their kids goodnight. So thank you to those who are away from their family fighting for mine.

Wishing you the most amazing Thanksgiving,

The Hot Mess Mom