Weathering the Storm – Ways to get your whole family through it

Weathering the Storm - Ways to get your whole family through bad weatherDoes the weather have you stuck inside? I am not meaning oh its raining outside, I am talking about thunder and lighting, hurricanes, snow storms, hail pretty much anything that is too dangerous to go out in. Along with these storms come loud noises and sometimes big wind which can make for some scary sights. It is very important to not just distract your child but help them understand what is happening with the weather on their level.

Kids are very receptive to their parents emotions if you are nervous and anxious about the storm know that your children are picking up on that whether you realize it or not. I am not saying, “Don’t worry, be happy” but do try and keep in mind how much your children are hearing and experiencing.

One way to help them deal not just with the emotions and anxiety but also the visual and auditory effects of the storm is to explain in detail what is happening. Let them know that while thunder and lightening are scary as long as they are inside they are safe. If your children are scared of the dark, warn them that the power might go out. Remind them that mommy and daddy are not going anywhere so they will be safe. Show them the flashlights and candles you will use if that happens and give them their very own flashlight to help keep them comfortable.

One fun way to have them participate in the storm is by tracking it with the news. You can find tons of storm tracker maps in your local grocery stores but if yours happens to be out or simply doesnt have one get a map of the United States and track the storm as to moves over the area. You will be able to see its progress and show them out the window what each stage looks like. It can help them realize that the storm will not last forever.

Distraction is key and while the storms usually pass quickly there is always a chance that it will not be safe to go outside for two or more days. When this happens the entire family will quickly become house happy. There are ways of combating this but remember to break up the time in-between indoor storm activities or you will use all the tricks in your book and then the remaining hours will last a lifetime.

Indoor Storm Activites:

  • Board Games
  • Make and play with your own playdough
  • Build a pillow fort
  • Indoor Picnic
  • Create a Treasure Hunt (Make a map and hide a treasure, the kids will have a great time trying to find it)
  • Dance Party
  • Edible Tinkertoys (This is one of my daughters favorite – Get big marshmallow and pretzel sticks, use them for tinker toys!)
  • Indoor bowling (Just use water bottles and tennis balls)
  • Any physical game (Simon Says, Hide and Seek, Hot Potato)
  • Reading Nook time (very handy when they are having trouble sleeping and you need a wind down activity)
  • Watching movies as a family (every set of parents need a break or run out of tricks eventually; use this when you need a big break from the storm but don’t think the power will go out)

There are a ton more games and ideas out there but these are my families and friends favorites.

We just hope that you stay safe and try and keep your kids and yourself comfortable.

I would love to hear some more great ideas for storm activities in the comments below and feel free to add a link to a post! 


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