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We are so excited that you have chosen to read MOMentous Motherhood.

Hopefully one or more of our wonderful Mom’s will speak to you and show you, you are not alone. We know this crazy ride that is parenting is a different journey for everyone. Each one of our Mom’s brings something different to the table.

They all have different upbringings, backgrounds, family situations, beliefs and opinions. Because of that they all make different choices.

Please know that none of our Mom’s are experts. All of the opinions and ideas they provide is their own. We are not doctors, psychologists, or experts in the parenting field. Nor should any of our opinions be considered professional/medical advice.

Again, this is NOT professional/medical advice!! It is just awesome parenting advice.

We want to make a promise to you that we will never judge you for a parenting decision. As long as the decisions you make abide by the law and do not endanger your children we encourage you to share your opinions and experiences with the other parents on our site.

We appreciate you following our stories and hope they will inspire you, make you laugh and help you to know that for every decision parenthood brings you, someone out there agrees and is there to back you up!

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