GMO’s are BAD.

GMO label

Let me reiterate…… BAD!

Not only does it hurt your overall health and well-being, it contributes to eradicating the traditional farmer. The guy who, back in the day, provided food for thousands without using one chemical to supplement crop.

What has society come to? Drum roll please….. Convenience. With convenience comes jeopardizing health. Is cancer worth a freezer meal? Is ADHD worth feeding your children a consistent diet of over processed, sugar and sodium filled snacks? To me… not so much.

Did you know that cancer is an acidic disease?

Or products which have words with ten syllables, color number whatever and words that are theoretically scientific, or English words for other chemicals to make them sound better than what they really are. They are acidic to the human body?

Did you know that it is what feeds cancer cells? It also feeds hormones to be in excess or insufficient to how our bodies are naturally supposed to operate. It can be attributing to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, heart problems, weight and lymphatic issues; the list can go on and on.

Now…. Is convenience worth it?

Did you know the more green, organic, leafy vegetables you consume you give yourself the fighting chance of producing antioxidants and balancing pH levels in your body?

Corn and soy are the main ingredients in 80% of conventional frozen and boxed foods. In some form or another. Those two products alone are the two top Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) produced in the United States. With GMO crops farmers use seed that is altered to not be affected by weed killer, insecticide, drought intolerance, etc. Monsanto is the leading corporation for GMO products. Companies on the GMO bandwagon include Kellogg’s, Pepsi-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, Lays, General Mills, Nabisco, ConAgra and more.

By the way, all this brought to you by the same company who manufactured agent orange in Vietnam and Round Up….

Mmmmmm…. Yummy, Round Up!

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