Monster Baby!

My husband and I are ready to move to another country and start fresh with having kids.
Our Monster Baby!!!

We thought our 7 year old daughter would be the death of us but oohhh nooo, we were wrong! Its definitely going to be our 20 month old son. He wakes up every morning with a new plan on how to drive us all crazy.

Sometimes I think he’s like Stuey from Family Guy and he’s secretly plotting to take over the world.

He has this new obsession with the living room DVD player and cable box. He runs up to it and will turn it off out of no where. I say out of no where but in reality he only does it when someone or everyone is watching TV or a movie. If no one cares about what’s on TV or isn’t really paying any attention to the TV then he couldn’t care less. But Lord help us if we are trying to watch a movie or someone is actually paying attention to the TV.

That little ball of destruction runs up to the cable box like his life depends on it, and turns it off faster than you can yell at him. Then everyone yells his name to turn it back on. Then the look we get at that point is absolutely mind blowing. I pick him up and tell him sternly “No!” and move him away from the TV stand but does that work even a little bit…..NO! 

About 12 more times and 4 clumps of hair later and we all pretty much give up. It’s as if he knows we are at the climax of a movie and gets the most satisfaction of hitting that Off button at just the right second.

Damn, he’s good.

I’m not a first time mom and with all the experience I have working with kids, I definitely understand temper tantrums, terrible 2’s, and bad moods. This is something else entirely. The blatant defiance and sheer pleasure from doing something wrong 62 times just to make a point is almost fascinating.

My husband and I tell each other at least once every day that we’re not sure if the baby is going to live to see tomorrow. I am hoping this is a phase. How much defiance can one 28 pound blond haired ball of chaos possibly have in him? I know, total trick question.

Jackie – The Hot Mess Mom

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