My Fur Baby!!!


I am a mommy to an amazing little girl, my buggy. She is however my second child. Or so I like to think. When my husband, then boyfriend and I were together for about a year and a half Valentine’s Day rolled around. I had just moved into my own place and was feeling not only a little lonely, living on my own for the first time, but also a little nervous. He decided to get me a little gift, the gift of fur. He found out about this shelter where a bunch of Shiba puppies had been dropped and we went and picked up our “first born” fur baby. She became one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Around this time my best friend had a baby. I was totally one of those people who would compare my puppy to her newborn and I could tell it annoyed her. It was what I had at the time. Now having a child of my own I can kinda see why. Especially if you have never had a puppy to raise. Waking up 3 times a night to walk her, cleaning up some messes I did not know a living thing could make. ALL my stuff was chewed and drooled on. I thought it was quite equal. It honestly is not, though there are a bunch of similarities.

When our “second” first baby was born our dog (then 6) did not know what hit her. She was an only child and the center of our universe for 6 years! Buggy would cry and scream and brought new smells into our dogs world. She would lay with me when I would get a chance to nap and all she wanted was a little bit of mommy time. There was a bit of jealousy and no one could blame her. Mia has gotten use to her little sister and has never been anything but kind and patient with her. We are not foolish; we have read everything, and never leave them alone on the floor together. Watching our dog like a hawk, we have been trying to teach our buggy respect of the doggie. She kind of gets it but honestly does not care.

We fully believe that having a fur baby is the best thing for families who can and want to afford it. Kids get a world of lessons from dogs and have companionship they could not have otherwise had. We thank god for our baby girls all the time and hope they are close as can be as they grow and change.

Now, we are getting ready to go on this big trip and we have to leave our fur baby, who is now 7, at home. My heart is breaking every time I look at her and know that she does not understand when we leave her. There is no way we can tell her how long we will be gone or when we are coming back. There is no talking to her on the phone and letting her know how much we love her. Ironically that same best friend is watching her. A god send if there ever was one! We have two vets in our family, both who board dogs and so we have no issues boarding her. We just have never left our dog for so long and couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. She is still our baby girl, she always will be.


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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