Where's my sweet girl?

My Sweet Girl?

My daughter is 14 months quickly going on 2 years old. She is a very vocal little one and she tends to be very dramatic. I personally have no idea where she gets that from…She is smart for her age but not dramatically so. I am not one of those parents who think they have the smartest child in the world, I am very realistic. She is a sweet girl. She tends to be active but not too active.

In general she is a good, even-tempered baby. She is super smiley and says hi to everyone she meets. This has been every day of her life up until this last week.

Granted she is not perfect, she has small temper tantrums but I never EVER had to worry about taking her to a restaurant or a store. I knew without a doubt she would not cause a scene. In the last week, she has had two-time outs and thrown a fit in public! All of this leaves me to ask, where did my sweet girl go?

She’s WAY to young for the terrible two’s…right?

Maybe not if my friends are right...Oh no, The Terrible Two’s!

We have a 7-year-old Shiba Inu dog. If you know anything about them they tend to be more like cats than dogs. We got lucky with our doggie; the sweetest dog you have ever met. VERY CHILL. Poor things world got turned upside down when our little one came along. She was number 1 and got bumped, but not by much. She is still spoiled rotten.

The one thing we have had to change is having her water dish in the kitchen. Our sweet baby girl loves to splash in the doggies’ dish. We have told her “no” a thousand times, a word we try not to use all the time. It became easier to just put it up on the counter, mistake I know. She would just put her hand in it, you tell her, no, and if you walk up to her she takes the bowl and smacks the water, swishes it all over the floor and then turns the dish over. It was like 0-60 in 2 seconds flat.

Well, the same 0-60 mentality applied the other day when she decided she wanted to wake doggie up while she was sleeping. At first, our sweet girl just tapped her head and I said, “Baby, don’t hit the doggie while she’s sleeping.” My sweet girl looked at me with a “don’t-tell-me-what-to-do” look and hit her harder and twice this time. I sternly said, “Do NOT hit the doggie.” She did it again and this time, poor doggie flinched. I walked over to remove her from the situation and my sweet girl whaled on our poor doggie. Over and over, doggie sat there and took it like a champ. She really hit her hard! So off to time out she went.

Time-out with a 14-month-old is a joke, but you have to start somewhere. She eventually, after about 10 minutes of fighting me sat on her mat and cried while mommy stood nearby. She had to sit still for 30 seconds. Then I walked over and told her why she was there and asked for a hug. She gave me one. Then I told her we have to apologize to doggie. She started SCREAMING; Noooo!!!

If you think she didn’t know what she was doing, you are wrong. She has proceeded to hit my dear husband and me. I don’t know where this is coming from! Sometimes she thinks it’s funny, sometimes she cries and I know she is hitting because she is frustrated. Just for reference, we do not spank her. I have slapped her hand when she tried to put it on a wall socket, which was then covered, and when she tried to put it in the hot oven. That’s it folks, so it’s not mimicking.

I’m not sure what is going on. I would just like my sweet girl to come back. She now verbally says, “NO!” when you tell her to say hi to someone, like the cashier at a store. So embarrassing!!! She threw herself on the floor in a tantrum when I took her milk sippy cup away. She has never been the best eater in the world, but now she throws the food at us! I just don’t know what is going on! I have googled, of course, and read it is her trying to assert her independence. She cannot handle the big emotions she carries; this is how she handles them. Well, there has got to be a way to teach her differently. I would love my sweet girl back…I miss her.

With Love,

Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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  • Wendy

    I am facing some of this as well… My twins are almost 18 months old now and they are usually the sweetest girls in the world, but I can really see them starting to test limits all over the place. “Don’t hit your sister” sometimes results in a sweet little hug but other times ends in more hitting or pushing. They both have taken to throwing themselves down on the ground and screaming when they don’t get their way. (You should have seen the monumental fit one of them threw the other day when I gave her the wrong flavor of bunny grahams). I am pretty sure this is normal, right? My twins aren’t talking yet, so I am chalking it up to their inability to communicate what they want (I am sure this must frustrate the heck out of them). Let’s hope that things will calm down a bit when they can just ASK for the cheddar bunnies 😉 meanwhile, props to you for getting a 14 month old to sit still for 30 seconds! You are clearly doing something right!

    • MOMentous

      I think the tantrum about the bunny crackers is TOTALLY natural! We saw our doctor today for a check up and she said if sweet girl wasn’t throwing temper tantrums she would think something was wrong with her. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the world of Morherhood. Just when you have that one figured out she’ll throw you another curve ball. Life with them is most definitely a roller coaster ride.

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