Oh No, the Terrible Two’s!

Well, Friday I think we got a glimpse into what we are to expect for that “terrible two’s” phase everyone talks about.
I was sure my little angel face would never be terrible, but she threw her first 2 temper tantrums on Friday. It was awful. My husband looked at me at one point and said “What happened to our kid?”
The morning started off as usual…we hear our angel on the monitor start babbling to herself. It’s time to put down the coffee now and go get her. I go upstairs, she’s happy as can be. I change her diaper and bring her down stairs to prepare for breakfast. She is just talking and babbling away. She was being SO adorable! It was awesome.
We told her it was time to get in her chair and eat some eggs. She seemed fine, until I actually put her in the chair. Then she began to whine. Strange because she LOVES eggs. She proceeded to REFUSE to eat, and continued to whine at me. So, I was a mean mommy…I pushed her highchair away from the table and said, “Fine, bye bye. Mommy is going to eat her breakfast alone then.” Well, that was a bad idea…she began to cry out like I had just beat her. It was nuts!
I laughed it off because I figured she’s just being 2 right? Well, my husband said, “Okay, all done, time to get down” and when he went to get her from her chair, she started to throw herself backwards, which resulted in the now unlocked tray sliding off…spilling food all over the floor and her nearly falling from the chair. Luckily daddy was fast enough to grab her.
Now my dear husband is very mad. She’s throwing herself backwards in his arms and screaming at the top of her lungs, crying and out of breath. He said, “That’s it, I’m taking her to her bed.” I tried to tell him as he went upstairs that I don’t think she understands and she shouldn’t go in her bed, but I let him go.
Once he came down, she was having a fit up there. I told him she only gets 2 minutes “time out” because she is too young. He went back up, told her what she did was not acceptable and brought her back, even though she was still kind of crying.
We asked her if she wanted like 5 different things. Everything was no, and food items made her cry when we asked. I think she was partly frustrated that she couldn’t tell us what was wrong. My husband had given up and let me take the lead…as usual.
I had her “show” me what she wanted. I took her to the pantry and she took a Nutrigrain bar. Daddy calls those cookies. Still haven’t figured out why, other than he doesn’t really have to give her a cookie when he says it, lol. She finally stopped crying, sat down on the sofa and ate her “cookie”. A few minutes later…she wanted another one, and yes, we gave her one. We didn’t want another episode. So, that was her breakfast.
We went on about our day…she did not nap. We had company arriving and so there was no time for a nap. She was our little angel face the rest of the day…until about 5pm.
She was outside with us and our company. I was sitting on the ledge of the patio (that is screened in) and she wanted to do the same. I told her no, as she was trying to climb up. It was to narrow and too dangerous for her. She proceeded to get mad, sit on the tile floor, lean back and lay down, bumping her head, kind of hard, and kicking her feet around mad.
Of course, now our company (who does not have kids and are a tad older than us) is watching this slowly unfold and I am starting to get embarrassed. I looked at her and told her once again that this was not acceptable. She proceeded to pitch a fit as I was scooping her up to take her in the house. The same thing as the morning…throwing herself back and pitching a huge fit!
I am not an advocate of taking her to her crib when she is bad…I believe that will lead to her fighting bed time more than she already does so I laid her on her little baby pull out sofa so she could wail around without hurting herself and went back outside. I wait 5 minutes and go back in to check on her (I could see where she was laying from the patio) and she was fast asleep! She was so tired! I let her sleep for about an hour and then had to go ahead and wake her up to eat dinner and play a bit before real bed time. Feeding her dinner was not an easy task either because she was not happy I woke her up. Finally she realized that the mac n cheese was for her, and she ate all her dinner..played…and then fought bedtime; but not too badly. She was exhausted.
It was an exhausting day. I was unsure if she was just pushing our buttons and being a two year old, or if something worse was wrong with her. She has severe Guttate Psoriasis and that can lead to Psoriatic Arthritis. If she’s in pain I wouldn’t know it because she can’t tell me. But, seeing as how it wasn’t exactly just random crying, I am pretty sure we are just entering the terrible twos…which I would much rather it be than arthritis. I will speak more on that subject another day.
Brandy – The Not-So-Single Mom

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