The Heartbreak of Psoriasis, our regimen – Part 2

Well, lotions alone just don’t do the trick.

And for a child as young as mine was and is, we are pretty much restricted to topical medications. I can’t tell you how many different cream/ointment combo options we went through. She would get better, then within days of stopping a cream that has a steroid in it, she would begin to flare back up.

Then came the oils, foams, sprays, and gels.

All different and all for certain parts of her body for certain time frames. Some with steroids some without. Its a mess. We literally have an adult size shoe box with everything we have ever used in it.

My daughter takes after me in the aspect that when she uses something for a period of time. Its like her body decides to become immune to that certain RX. I am that way with OTC headache medicines. I have to rotate out because they just stop working.

For most of the above listed items, we were told to use them twice a day. Ok, you try and get a toddler to stand still so you can try and dab and rub ointments and creams and lotions on her. The steroid cream is supposed to be site specific. Well, her “site” actually looks like a million bug bites all over her. Some areas of blotches, but her arms and legs are so hard. Then a round of ointment, which can be spread out. Although who wants a super greasy slick baby running around the house? I tried to do spot specific and that ended up going on like lotion, lol. Then a round of lotion…or was that first?

Our twice daily routine takes a minimum of 15 minutes, if she’s behaving.

Luckily, we started this fiasco as she turned one, so she is kind of used to it. But, some times she just fights me. We have her entire body to do, including armpits, ears, IN her ears, on her face, diaper area, and her scalp. Not easy tasks when you are not only working with a toddler, but most medications are “spot specific”.

Recently we were given the option to start Enbrel from one dermatologist. Another one gave us yet another cream/ointment combo. After reading up on the Enbrel injections, we have decided that we need to wait. To wait as long as possible.

The new combo seems to have taken her flare up down immensely. Though not a week after stopping the steroid cream, her spots were reappearing. I have been able to keep them at bay, they’re just barely there. I know its only a matter of time that I apply that cream to knock them down and they just refuse to listen.

I’m not ready to subject my baby to weekly shots. She is too young. We are going to do what we can to manage it for as long as we can in hopes that as she gets older, it will be easier to manage.

Brandy – The Not-So-Single Mom

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