Starting Daycare…The Big Debate

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I love my husband, so don’t get me wrong but, sometimes I hate him too.  

He decided to go surfing today so I had to take my daughter with me to the gym. She proceeded to throw a fit when I left the room.

I only needed 30 minutes with my trainer. After 5 minutes they called me over the intercom. Yes, the whole gym heard them call ME into the kids area. How embarrassing! I found her laying on the floor sobbing. We had to end my workout session, which he kindly released so I can use it another day. I spoke with my trainer for a few minutes about her Psoriasis and showed him how bad it is. Then I proceeded to grab a coffee and a doughnut on the way home because I eat my emotions.

When I got home, I decided it may be good for her to go to daycare 2 days a week. Just to get used to leaving me and to help give myself a break. I called 4 different places and found one that was a decent cost, so I thought. I texted this to my husband (since he was gone surfing) and he had the nerve to say “Are you going to get a job those days?”.


Who would hire me for 2 days a week much less pay enough to cover the cost of the daycare? No one.

I wanted to do this for her, and for me. I told him this and he said I had to find that monthly amount in something else that we can cancel because HE’s not paying for it.

No, I do not work but he is gone for so long and even when he is home I am basically 24/7 responsible for her. It’s exhausting. I don’t think he realizes that even if we sit home and do NOTHING, it’s exhausting. NEVER going to the bathroom alone. I am always with her, I have to deal with temper tantrums in public so I can get food and errands taken care of. There is no putting her in the car and leaving most of the time. Things have to get done.

He has never ever had to deal with her for more than about 4 hours alone, much less in public! Considering I do nearly nothing for myself…I didn’t see this as an issue. I signed up for the gym and a trainer and I am not getting the results I want. Half the time I either can’t go or like now have to leave before I start. Other than the gym, I do not do ME things.

Not even when he is home because I get the “So I have to babysit?” remark. NO, you are not babysitting, you are taking care of your daughter while I leave the house. So to avoid getting royally pissed off, I just don’t make him “babysit”.  



Brandy – The Not-So-Single Mom

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