Whiny Husbands, who needs them?     

What is it with men? They are seriously such babies! As I stated before, I am a stay at home / work from home mommy to my 15 month old. My daughter is currently cutting three teeth, so she is a real joy to be around these days! On top of that, she had 3 shots a few days ago and has a cold. I know, poor baby…. NO, poor mommy! She has kept me up all night with her sudden outburst of crying in her sleep, and she also kindly gave me her cold. I feel horrid, but keep moving along. Guess who else got my daughter’s cold? My husband! I was so pissed when I found out he was getting sick, because I knew what that meant! I now have two whiney babies to care for. Why is it that when we are both sick, he gets  to lay on the couch and moan, while I am cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the other sick baby in the house? I think I may start a new rule in our house. If the kids are sick I will take care of them, but if my husband gets sick he has to stay in a hotel! Yep, that is happening!

The Scrambling Stepmom

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  1. Mauigirl

    Funny, kids grow up and leave home, so you worry about them when they are sick. Can’t say that about husbands!

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