A Weekend With A Stranger…

I had the most amazing weekend with a new man!

Those of you that follow my blogs know that I am married, happily married. You would also know that my husband and I got pregnant on our second date, so we have not really had any time to “date” since I was either pregnant or busy with the baby. We have tried really hard to make time for just us, but it never seems to work out. It always gets put on the back burner. We have a very strong relationship, but we definitely have some issues like every other married couple.

One big issue is that we have NEVER gone away together…. NEVER! We need OUR time too, but find it difficult because we both work. Then we have my stepdaughter every weekend. I am totally fine skipping a weekend with my stepdaughter AND our daughter to get away, but he refuses to lose time with the girls.

This is admirable and frustrating at the same time.

Anyway, I planned a 4 day weekend away for our 1 year anniversary with NO kids, and it was fantastic!

I feel like I spent the weekend with a stranger!

We only went to the East Coast of Florida (about a 3 hour drive from where we live), but it felt like we were a whole world away! First, we went and had drinks at a bar together, a lot of drinks! We went to the pool whenever we wanted, we ate whenever we wanted, we had sex whenever we wanted. It was amazing! Who is this man, and where is my husband? I have never laughed so much with my husband, and that is sad!

We both realize that this is a huge part of what is lacking in our marriage. We have made a pact with each other to make time to “date” again. It’s wonderful, we are like giddy high schoolers since our weekend away, and I love it! For any of you mommies out there that do not “date” your husband or boyfriend, DO IT!!!! You will thank me later! 😉

The Scrambling Stepmom

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  1. Anonymous

    We need that but I’ve never been away from my daughter who is almost 2, I don’t know if I could do it!

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