Pacifiers: To use or not to use…That is the Question

When your little one is born one of the big decisions parents have to make is the pacifier. To use or not to use, when to use them, how long and how and when to get rid of them. There are thoughts on both sides of the isle on each and every topic. So moms lets share…
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Did/Do you use pacifiers with your little ones? If not, why? If so, when do you use them? How long did/do you plan on using them? If they are gone, how in the world did you get rid of them?

The Perfectionist Mom – We are a proudly using pacifier home. I was never really concerned about the nipple confusion or the 100 reasons people tell you not to use pacifiers. I saw benefit, benefit, and benefit. I am a mom who is constantly concerned that everything bad in this world is going to happen to our daughter. I guess I can be a little neurotic. One thing that I was terrified by was SIDS. This is one of the scariest things in the world to me. When I read a couple studies linking a reduced rate of SIDS in kids who used pacifiers, I was like, yes please. I then read that pacifiers can help infants self soothe, duh. I mean the pacifier they give you in the hospital, those humongous green ones are called Soothies! I also knew that I did not want my daughter to be a thumb sucker. I was and I got made fun of for it so it was pacifiers for us all the way. Now that my daughter is almost 18 months old we only use them when she is in her crib or in the car. She rarely takes them anymore, unless she’s going to bed but I have found they still soothe her to sleep. We are looking to get rid of them before she hits 2. We have a whole plan with a fairy and other babies needing them. We will see what works. Wish us luck!

The Not-So-Single Mom – I am not for or against pacifiers. I believe that most newborns have the need to suckle, and a pacifier works when you are not breastfeeding, or it’s just not time for the boob or bottle. My little one used a pacifier in the hospital and then for about three weeks. Most of the time she would only use it to fall asleep, then spit it right out. I gave it to her a few times over a few months to try and calm her, but I literally had to hold it in her mouth, and figured it just was not worth the hassle. We were completely done with pacifiers by the time she was three months old. I do believe that there is a certain time to begin weaning them, just like we do from a bottle, formula or breastfeeding. Yes, I do believe it is the parent’s choice on when to do this, but, because of the effects this can cause in regards to their teeth and hygiene and that attachment they get, I believe the sooner the better. I cannot even imagine my 2 year old walking around with one in her mouth. My plan was 1 year, if she used it that long. After one year, it’s time to go. I didn’t have to go through this with my daughter, but when my niece was about a year we gave her pacifier to the garbage man, literally, and waved bye bye to it when they drove off. We often watched and waved to them, so this wasn’t anything new for her. My advice to pacifier parents trying to get rid of them, is to start small…for instance try not letting them have it except at nap and bed time. Maybe don’t allow it in public, and slowly wean them off of the night and nap pacifiers by introducing a new routine or schedule. Hang in there you can do it!

The Hot Mess Mom – I am not totally against the pacifier. One time i saw a child in the grocery store with a pacifier in his mouth and he was old enough to talk. Literally he had to take the pacifier out of his mouth to ask him mom something. If I had to put a number on it I would say he was 4 years old. To me that is quite excessive, but to each their own. In my house, the pacifier, or binky as we call it, can be quite a necessity. When my daughter was a baby, about 7-8 years ago, I used the binky until she no longer wanted it. I didn’t have to go through the motions of weaning her off of it. She was no longer interested in the binky before she was 9 months old. With my son however, he will be 2 in October and we still give him the binky as it acts as his comfort blanket when he is having one of his lovely toddler moments. We don’t give him the binky to “shut him up” necessarily, but when he is screaming and having quite a tantrum he will call out for his binky and that is when me, my husband, and even my daughter go scrambling around that house flipping everything upside down looking for this tiny plastic piece of relief. Usually, once it’s popped into his mouth, the world is good again. Back in March when my husband and I went on our honeymoon my mom watched our kids for us and in those 4 days she broke my son of the binky habit. I was definitely shocked. Unfortunately a few days after that he became very ill and we were in the hospital for 5 days and you bet that he had that comforting binky in his mouth every day. In my opinion, everything in moderation and there are worse habits that need breaking before the binky. 2 is definitely our starting point for a lot of things such as talking about daycare, starting to potty train, and we will probably add break binky habit to the list. So, I definitely think the pacifier is a useful tool if your child has chosen “it” as the security blanket needed to defuse those moments of chaos. However, if your child is old enough to take the binky out of his or her mouth to ask you questions in full sentences, then it may be time to toss it.

The Naturalist Mom – 2/3 Of my children have used a pacifier. My oldest wanted nothing to do with a pacifier. My middle is completely OBSESSED with his paci. We dodged the paci once, and it has made a triumphant return. Were almost at 2 years…. Grrr. Baby girl didn’t start out with a paci and then recently has found comfort in it. She is also the one that didn’t take a bottle until a few weeks ago, at a little over 8 months. The goal is at 2 years the paci will be MIA for c2. We’ve done it once, so I am confident we can do it again. I’ve heard everything from leaving it for Santa to tying it on a ball on and letting it float away. We simply just take them away. I don’t find anything wrong with the use of pacifiers to a certain extent. I don’t agree with a 5 year old walking around with one. And for us, 2 just happen to be our limit.

The Scrambling Step Mom – We started off absolutely against pacifiers, which worked for us because she wouldn’t take one anyway! Then, at 3 months old, she was hospitalized for a week with uncontrollable vomiting. We had to stop feeding her and give her stomach “a rest” for 8 hours over and over throughout the week. This made for one REALLY upset baby. We decided at that point to go ahead and allow the pacifier. Well, that did not work! She refused the pacifier, and would only calm down if we walked her around….. She is still this way at 18 months old! I’m not sure which is worse, weaning a toddler off a pacifier or having nothing to soothe her when she is pissed!

What do you think?? Are Pacifiers something you decided to use on your babies?? How did you break the habit? Let us know in the comments!

With Love,

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  1. I can so relate to this!
    My husband and I were so undecided when we had our daughter and we didn’t know whether we should let her use a binkey or not. Then after the nurse had brought her back with a binkey in her mouth we just kind of went with it, not realizing the habit that would follow…Now I regret letting her keep it because I’m not sure how we are going to ween her off of it. 🙁

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