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This post is to follow up on my original “Daycare Diaries” post.  So, if you have not read the first one please click HERE to check it out!

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I really want to share with everyone how time has not only flown by, but it has also given the opportunity for changes in our progress.

If you don’t remember, we enrolled our 2-year-old daughter in daycare in July. She has literally been with me 24/7 since she was born. She had stranger danger and separation anxiety. I also REALLY needed a break. I was unable to even get in a workout at the gym because she would scream at KidCare and they wouldn’t let her stay. I only got to workout when my husband was in town, and yes that may be for 6 weeks, but for the 6 he is gone, I was unable to do anything without her in tow, and that meant no workouts.

So, the first few weeks were rough. She initially screamed and cried at the thought of me leaving her. It got so bad, that she knew when we were in the PARKING LOT still finding parking! She would cry “No Mommy!” while still in the car, and all the way to her classroom. It was not only heartbreaking, but also a bit pathetic. I know she was having fun, for the most part; it was just that initial separation.

I decided that while my husband is gone, she will go 3 days a week, and in a row rather than 2 days a week, not in a row. I figured that the consistency would help her acclimate better, because she would know her routine. Well, my husband left last week so this week was supposed to start her 3-day routine. Turns out she was very sick with a nasty virus and I did not send her to school until Thursday! She is supposed to go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Luckily they were ok with me taking her on Thursday and Friday in place of the days she missed.

Drop off this morning went better than usual. She no longer cries in the car, and she hasn’t even been starting to cry until we get to her actual classroom because then she knows that I am going to leave. Well, today she did really well. We went into her classroom and I had to speak to the teacher about applying some ointment to her Psoriasis this week, she is having a flare up because of this virus she had. As I was finishing the conversation, she started to cry. I told her she needed to stay and play with her friends, and no more crying. She sucked it up, took the teachers hand and walked away. When I picked her up the teacher said she would kind of cry on and off, but not the hysterical fits like before.

Another thing I have learned, is that I have a very soft spoken, shy but very well behaved little girl. I speak with her teachers every day at pick up about how she did that day. It turns out she doesn’t really “play” with the other kids. She tends to find herself a comfortable spot during open play, or wanders around but doesn’t engage with the other kids. She barely speaks at all, but she is very obedient. She participates when they color and do group activities. I was also informed just today, that she didn’t want to glue shapes on the paper…the teacher said it seemed like she didn’t want to get her fingers sticky. I can assure you, that is my fault and I am working on letting her get messy. That’s a post for another day! She also colors very lightly…kind of like how she is soft spoken…she is a soft color-er. I am going to work with her on that too! The teacher was excited to tell me that my daughter asked for MORE mac-n-cheese at lunch today. She said that she had to ask my daughter if that is what she said, because she said it so quietly she had to make sure. Of course, my daughter said yes. Mac-n-cheese is her favorite.

So, all in all, I think that we have made a lot of progress. I also have some things to work on with her, which is good. Mommy has to work on some things, and so does baby.

Until Next Time.

The Not-So-Single Mom

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