Copycat-My Fall Bucket List!

Brandy Fall Bucket List

So, I got the idea from The Perfectionist Mom to do my own fall bucket list! I am not nearly as crafty or organized as she is, but I too have a few things that I want to accomplish before the year comes to an end. How they will turn out, and if they will happen…only time will tell!

The first thing on my list is to take my daughter fishing. I don’t care if it’s a pond; I just want to take her. I used to go fishing with my dad under the bridge in the inlet, and catch anything or nothing at all. I could sit there for hours, even if we didn’t catch anything. I am not sure how or why, but I took to fishing very well. I looked forward to going with my dad any chance we could get. Luckily, my husband also loves to fish, so taking our daughter will be a great family experience for all of us! I guess I better go find her a pink kids pole now eh?

Trick-or-Treating! I love handing out candy and seeing all the little kids dressed up, but now that I have a little monster of my own, I get to be part of the chaos once again, as I was when I was little. Last year was not the best experience. I chose to wear jeans…which was a bad idea. I was sweating like a fool. My daughter was just over a year old and I was trying to keep up with our group and the other kids were 4+ years old and RUNNING from one house to the next! Between sweating like a fool and being exhausted from trying to keep up and having to carry her, I was miserable. Luckily she didn’t really know what was going on lol. This year my husband will be home to join us. I can send him on the running fits with her while I pull the wagon with adult beverages in it, hehe. We can also take our time if we need to. Seeing as how I was hubby-less last year, I wanted to keep up with the other adults so I had some company. This year, we can be each other’s company if we can’t keep up!

Last but not least, I want to TRY and bake an apple pie. That may should simple to a lot of you, but baking and cooking is really not my thing, and I don’t enjoy it. I think that soon my daughter will be old enough to help, and at least baking will be more fun with her help. The idea of smelling a freshly made pie baking in the oven is amazing. I love the smell of the frozen ones you pop in the oven, I can only imagine smelling my hard work cooking. Maybe a little help from hubby and baby girl, and make it a day project for us as a family! The only part I don’t look forward to….is cleaning up! 😉

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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