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pinterest jackie 1Sometimes I can’t even remember what life was like without Pinterest. At first it started out as something cool and interesting to go on instead of so much Facebook. Then it became more of a need instead of a want when my husband and I got engaged and I needed to plan a wedding. It was as if I took on a part time job. I was immersed in the world of Pinterest like I never thought possible. Literally every waking hour that I had to myself was spent “pinning”. Then it was more than wedding planning, it was recipes, arts and crafts projects, ideas for our house, working out, gardening, and so much more. Now I have a board for just about everything! At this stage in the game I use Pinterest to keep myself organized.  From kids’ birthday party ideas, easy weeknight dinners, and kid friendly travel destinations to every Pandora charm that I want, and must-have products , there is literally everything I need organized by “board”.

Every year I used to struggle with birthday party ideas regarding what the theme would be, what food to make, what decorations should I buy and what I should make myself. For the last couple years I have been able to get some awesome party ideas from Pinterest like what food goes best with a Frozen themed birthday party and what decorations can I make myself for a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. Making chocolate covered pretzel rods into magic ice wands, or DIYing treat bags and food labels are a couple things that I thank Pinterest for when it comes to birthdays.

I have always been crafty and loved making art and craft projects when I was a kid. I love that my kids are into art and crafts now as well. I never thought there would be so many pictures of an art project turkey until I typed it into the search box on Pinterest. If you have never thought of an idea, someone else has and it’s at your fingertips for the taking. We have come up with so many neat ideas for our family like the personalized family wreath, all the projects that include kids’ hands, feet, and fingers, and there is literally an art project out there for every single holiday. Even ones that you didn’t know were holidays.

Home projects are probably my favorite because to me there is always something you can paint, re-vamp, upgrade, or DIY. Pinterest gives me more options for every room of the house than I could have ever imagined. For example, my daughter loves to read and has over 100 books. We really wanted to put some sort of library nook in her room for her and found the perfect one on Pinterest. The best part was, it was created out of plastic rain gutters instead of wood which kept the project totally affordable. It came out great and looked just like the Pinterest picture. My daughter has this great little area where she can comfortably read and we didn’t have to add a bulky piece of furniture to make it happen.

I could probably go on and on for days about all the ways that Pinterest has saved me but for now I think you get the point. School lunches, Halloween costume ideas, shoe obsessions, and planning for anything from a wedding to a zombie invasion. You can create a board for it all…and I certainly did! Happy pinning =)

Please feel free to follow MOMentous Moms on Pinterest. I have my own board and would love to share some of my best finds and ideas with you!

With Love,

The Hot Mess Mom

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  1. I love Pinterest! A lot of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. Like you, I don’t know what I did before it! All of my best ideas are inspired by things I see on the site.

  2. swood97

    What did we ever do before Pinterest? Oh, read magazines! I still do both. I have some interesting information to share on my blog tomorrow about my relationship with Pinterest. Fun post!

  3. Pinterest is a fun site, and I enjoy pinning posts for later access too. 🙂

  4. I can’t seem to get into pinterest!

    1. It’s ok I have found that it’s not for everyone. It works perfectly for some but not for others. I gravitated towards it so much because I could organize literally everything that was of interest to me.

  5. I used to think i was creative…then I discovered pinterest and realized LOTS of people are WAY more creative than I am, but I can use this to boost my creativity! I LOVE it too! I’m pretty much addicted. I don’t google things anymore to find out how to do them or where to find them. I just look on pinterest! 🙂

    1. So funny that you mentioned Google….I used to be the Google Queen until Pinterest. Now Pinterest is my first stop for everything =) It’s like my sidekick.

  6. Pinterest is slowly growing on me 😉 I agree it’s awesome for inspiration. Followed you there, my username is elaryen.

  7. I love Pinterest, but my goodness, it’s so overwhelming to plan a wedding and be on Pinterest. I love taking inspiration from there, but I want to make ALL THE CRAFTS and do ALL THE THINGS, which is pretty impossible.

    1. It was definitely a challenge to know that my wedding wasn’t going to be an exact replica of all the pictures I had pinned on Pinterest. But boy was it a help to be able to just show someone a picture I found and say “I want it like this”.

  8. Oh, I love Pinterest. I have found it to be so resourceful (and also a big time waster if I’m not careful). Pictures motivate me and Pinterest is always the place I go for it.

  9. I love Pinterest too. I used to try to bookmark things or I’d forget about things. Then a party would come up or I’d need an idea for a teacher gift and couldn’t remember anything I looked at. Now it’s so easy to pin neat things I find on Pinterest and it’s right there for me to peruse when I need to

  10. I would consider myself a Pinterest addict. You just find so many nice projects on there.

  11. Thanks for following, we’ll do the same!

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