Fighting Cold and Flu Season

We are in full cold and flu season. It feels like everyone around you is either coughing or sneezing and there are now other sicknesses in the back of your mind to contend with.

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 How do you keep your family well during cold and flu season every year? Do you get vaccinated? What about hand sanitizers, do you believe in them? Give me your best ways to combat getting sick and stuck in the house feeling yucky.  

The Naturalist Mom – Luckily our family seldom is sick.  Not sure what the key to success is, and I hope I am not jinxing myself. We eat a fair amount of fruits and vegetables in our house. Soda is not a staple and we do our best to do without processed foods. When we do get sick I pump the little’s with vitamin boosting foods such as oranges, homemade bone broth, water and utilize essential oils to kill germs and help open airways. I have to get vaccinated for school, so I have gotten the flu shot. I have had it before and I feel receiving it and the following 48 hours is the worst. I do understand why I need it in the field that I am pursuing and also how it protects my family. Hand sanitation prevents the transmission of disease. I am an advocate for not spreading disease, but I do believe in the building of a strong immunity. Unfortunately the misuse of sanitizing agents reduces the immune systems ability to fight off infection, so using them in moderation is important. Your body needs certain types of bacteria to protect itself from harmful illness. If we constantly wash that away, what naturally protects us? Building immunity is SO important (see blog post). That is my best advice on combating sickness!!

The Hot Mess Mom – The flu stinks for sure but luckily we haven’t had to suffer the wrath of it in quite some time. Personally I don’t usually get the flu shot. The last time I did was October 2012 when my son was born. The nurse gave me the flu shot before I left the hospital. I can’t remember the last time I had it prior to that. I know my husband doesn’t get the shot because he doesn’t go to the doctor for anything! If he can’t fix it with super glue, duct tape, or Tylenol then he pretty much taps out. I have been fortunate enough that my daughter has the immune system of a God. Her body wipes out colds before they have a chance to really affect her. My son on the other hand will definitely get sick sometimes. We have had our share of medical issues with him however none have been the flu. Besides a multi-vitamin that the kids get, and anti-bacterial that is always in my purse we don’t really have too many anti-germ tricks in our house. Although I am a huge fan of anti-bacterial, I do still think that you need to let kids get dirt on them sometimes or their body will never know what to do without hand sanitizer. I don’t know if it’s luck or if we’re actually doing something right but so far our run in’s with Mr. Flu have been far and few.

 The Perfectionist Mom – When one person in our house gets sick it seems to spread like wildfire. Thankfully we seem to have pretty good immune systems. My daughter is not in daycare yet so I don’t have to worry about her brining home those germs quite yet but we do have play dates and birthday parties constantly so we get our fair share of colds. We eat healthy so have a lot of the vitamins to help combat this kind of stuff. To try and stay healthy we get flu shots every year. My husband and I never got one before I was pregnant and were pretty fine so I don’t know if it has done any good but we try to be safe. Lots of hand washing, linen washing and avoid sick people. We use hand sanitizers once in a while for shopping carts and such but not too often. I know that they can do a lot more harm than good. If we do get sick, even just a cold, we pump up the vitamin C with fresh juice and chicken soup. Keep the fluids up and try to rest as much as possible.

The Not-So-Single Mom – Honestly, with kids it feels almost inevitable that we are all going to get sick at some point. Eating healthy, taking vitamins and washing hands a LOT is key. I carry Honest Company hand sanitizer in my purse, and my daughter and I use it often when we are out of the house. I make sure to bathe her after she’s been at school, and wash her clothes and bedding weekly or more to make sure to wash away as many of the germs as possible. I am not a huge fan of the flu shot. That wasn’t around when I was a child and we got the flu, maybe, and then got over it. I think it’s all in what you eat, how you sanitize and how often you wash or sanitize things that can harbor germs. If you can’t wash it, sanitize it with whatever your sanitizer of choice is. My go to is usually Lysol for hard to clean things or when I need to do a once over of the entire room…usually the baby’s room because they are little germ monsters!

How do you combat the cold and flu season? What do you think about the flu shot or hand sanitizer? 


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  1. Ricci

    I get the flu shot every year and take an Allegra every night (I am allergic to everything outdoors) and I am rarely sick. I also work in a hospital and I think my immune system is really built up 🙂 I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!!

    1. Fingers crossed! You must have a mac daddy immune system. My MIL works in the ER and she is rarely sick as well.

  2. We have never gotten the flu shot but I normally start with natural stuff giving the kids vitamins. My daughter surprisingly doesn’t get sick as much as my son does which is weird.

  3. Every time my daughter gets a cold I catch it as well, for my daughter we have recently turned to all organic and herbal medicine unless of course it’s a fever. My dad always sends some cough syrup and German medicine which is often times more herbal and it always works better then the full blown medicine. Really interesting to be honest .

    1. A lot of my friends use products from their families they get overseas. I always hear such great things about them and when you look at what is in the meds they always seem to be more herbal.

  4. I make sure my kids get the Flu Mist each year, but I usually don’t. Like you, we are blessed with rarely getting sick and I do think that some kids need to build up immunity by exposure to germs!

  5. Is it your choice for your kids to get the Flu Mist or is that what your doctor chooses? I have heard both sides on the mist. Some people like it some don’t. We have always gotten the shot.

  6. For us, it’a avoiding processed foods, and sugar in general, while also eating a fair amount of fruits and vegetables. From there, regular exercise, good cleaning habits (door handles, floors, etc, and my daughter only sleeps in her crib in fresh clothes, so no lingering germs) and lots of hand washing, but not with antibacterial soap. That and probiotics has worked so far for myself, my husband and our two year old.

  7. I don’t ever get the flue shot I have had bad experiences with it but I try to wash my hands a lot and drink something warm every morning.

    1. I have heard of other people having a bad reaction from the flu shot. Glad you found something that works without the shot!

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