Holiday Gift Guide for Boys

Holiday Shopping Guide for Boys

Our boys already have a ton of toys! We love to see their faces light up so we have been trying to figure out gifts that are not only toys!

I like to make sure the phase is worth the investment. If it lasts more than three months, it’s a keeper. Super heroes are what is in, in our household. We are currently revamping the boys room to make it their own. One is getting Batman and the other is getting Spider-Man! It is going to be SUPER HERO fantastic!

Our little men are growing by leaps and bounds so we constantly have to get them new clothes. We are loving Carters Boys clothing. Of course the super heroes come in here too Little Boys”s Spiderman clothes are the cutest.

Of course if Santa brought no toys there would be a major meltdown so…they are both getting NERF guns. Our house is traditionally a “war zone” (when it’s not a wrestling ring) and I think it’s time it becomes fair game for all. We are thinking something like this Nerf N-Strike Maverick or Nerf N-Strike Elite: Strongarm Blaster

Lastly, anything Curious George! George is what we watch OVER and OVER again. I know I said minimum toys. I love finding educational toys with my kids favorite characters. I could so easily break this Curious George Gift Set up over this Christmas and maybe a birthday. That way I wouldn’t feel so bad about the price tag and my son would love it!

Now I know this list is for my boys but I cannot leave out my baby girl! SO for her it is all about DOLLS!!!!! I am so excited to purchase prissy, girly items that are all hers. I’ve been eyeing the Mooshka Girls Doll and I cannot wait to see how she responds to them.

Lastly for her, a Barbie ornament. My grandmother would buy me one every year for Christmas. It became her thing and once she was gone they brought those moments back to me every Christmas. So, it’s only fitting I continue that with my own.

Hope this helps if you are looking for some gifts for the little men in your life.

Happy Pre-Holidays,

The Naturalist Mom

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  1. I have a houseful of girls… and I always find it SO hard to buy for boys. I have a friend that said… anything obnoxious is a perfect gift for a boy.. so true.

  2. sunandhurricane

    I love these ideas, especially the Nerf stuff! My son loves all his Nerf stuff, as do his friends and even his sisters!

  3. This is a great guide! I have 1 little boy and 2 Girlies and sometimes figuring out what to get him can be a bigger challenge than you’d expect…liek you said though Batman or Spiderman are pretty much a guaranteed hit!

  4. The Naturalist Mama

    Thanks everyone! I feel if you take the obligation to get gifts out of the equation, you become more creative and find gifts with more thought. It’s not amount, kids will play with the box at the very least 😉

  5. Curious George! I don’t think I could ever not love him!

  6. Oh this is so helpful! My best friends and I host a cookie party and gift exchange for our kids on Christmas. Together they have a total of 5 boys and I have 1 girl. I always need help picking out their gifts.

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