Weekly Round Up #5

Weekly Round Up #5

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all of our readers over the last week! If you missed any of our posts here they are, click, share and comment!

Fighting Cold and Flu Season – To start off the week our group discussion was about the difficulties of trying not to get sick and how we prevent and treat our families if that does happen.

Our Holiday Line-Up, without Daddy – The Not-So-Single Mom shared how she handles the difficulty of celebrating the holidays when your husband is working out of the country during that special time.

Traveling on a Budget Tips and Delta Airfare Giveaway – Our first big giveaway! The Perfectionist Mom shared her tips for traveling on a budget. We also featured a giveaway for a Delta Airfare Gift Card. Please check it out and enter today! Giveaway ends November 15th!

The Problem with Milestones is… – The Naturalist Mom shared why to stop stressing about those milestone charts all mothers are so obsessed with! She is a mama of three so has been though this before.

1st Grade Struggles – We had a guest Mom this week, The Strong Single Mom. She shared how her son is having a problem transitioning from Kindergarden to 1st grade and how she’s trying to help.

Favorite Friday’s: Holiday – The Perfectionist Mom shared why favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve!

Instagram Challenge – Once again we are taking part in a November Instagram Challenge. Please stop by, like our Instagram and get a better sense of who we are!

Our group discussion will be coming to you soon but for now, what topics would you like to see on Favorite Fridays?

Hope you have an amazing week!!!


Your MOMentous Moms


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