Our Santa Experience

Our Santa Experience

Every year parents rush to the malls and retail outlets to have their child meet Santa, sit on his lap and take pictures. Sometimes the lines are so long, you have to wait hours. Some parents, like me, want that picture so bad, we will take what we can get.

My daughter was about 4 months old for her first Christmas. We dressed her up, took her to the mall and waited in line to see Santa. At this age, it was easy. She loved everyone and was so happy and smiley. The picture was great. We were beyond happy. We purchased way too many pictures, as most parents probably do.

2012 Santa

Last year, my daughter was almost 1 and a half. She was petrified. She didn’t want to look at him or go anywhere near him. She cried. What did I do? I put her on his lap anyway, and had them take pictures fast. She was crying in all of them, so very upset. Did I buy them? Of course I did! I wanted to document every possible thing I could and have something to show her years and years from now. Easter 2014 with the bunny was a different story. She was old enough to basically run away…

2013 Santa

This year she is almost 2 and a half, and as soon as Christmas things started popping up all over the place, we started talking about Santa. I kept showing her the picture when she was a baby-sitting on his lap smiling. The crying one has yet to make it to the picture wall. She has seen him on TV, and she says to me “Santa says HO-HO-HO” and it is the cutest thing EVER! I told her we were going to see him, give him a big hug and sit on his lap so we could take pictures. She said “Ok mommy”. This went on for weeks. Constantly showing her the photo on the wall, pointing him out in pictures and at the stores as big yard decorations. I kept asking her if she wanted to go see him, and sit on his lap and take a picture…she said yes.

The day came. I decided to go to the mall on a Monday, mid-morning while school was still in session to avoid lines. My plan worked, we finally found Santa and there was no line. She was lead over to him by the picture lady, gave him a high-five and talked to him and showed him where mommy was. She came back to me, told me she saw Santa and was happy. So, I told her it was time to sit with him so they could take her picture. She said NO WAY. After some more looking, waving and talking about it, she went back over to see him, and the lady put her on his lap. The look on her face was that of complete shock. No crying, but in shock. They took a few pictures, then she had a nice talk with him about her bracelets, which we got a picture of as well. Took a few more shots trying relentlessly to get her to smile.

2014 Santa

I was pleased. No crying, no screaming and making a scene. I bought way too many, once again. I was able to bring home 2 different shots though…and to my surprise, she printed out HER favorite with “my daughters name & Santa” printed on it and gave it to my daughter and said “This is just for you”. The picture is hilarious and when I got home, I found another one of the exact same thing tucked into the envelope along with the ones I paid for. It was a sweet gesture, and I am so thankful for her kindness and the fact that I got to bring home THREE very different pictures to show her, many years from now.

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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  1. Your daughter is so cute! I was afraid that we were going to have a Santa meltdown this year since my daughter is 18 months old and seriously unsure about anyone other than my family. However, there wasn’t any crying, and we managed to get a great picture of her–unexpected, but I LOVE it! 🙂
    Natalie recently posted…A Walt Disney World AlohaMy Profile

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      Oh thats great news, Natalie! As you can see, we had a meltdown last year around that age LOL. BUT, I like to capture the moment, crying or not so I can show her how she really was lol. Kids are always throwing us a curve ball!

  2. Great pics. I love the first one. Your daughter looks like: ‘I’m over this guy in this red suit’- lol! Great memories!
    Kimberly recently posted…Can I Trust Him? – My Concerns & His ResponseMy Profile

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thank You! I am not sure exactly what was going through her mind at that point, but the picture is hilarious. That is the one the lady printed out and gave to my daughter to keep as her own. It was so sweet!

  3. Awwww…what a cute Santa pic!! But I think all of her Santa pics have been cute, the crying ones are always my fave. LOL!!!
    Ricci recently posted…My Christmas Wish ListMy Profile

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thanks Ricci! I secretly love the crying ones too, just because that was ‘in the moment” and a true shot but at the same time I still feel bad, lol. 😉

  4. Too cute. Every year I love seeing my girls get excited for Santa. There is always a year where they are not fans but then each year after they are all in his face!

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      Those kids, always keeping us on our toes! Mine was telling him all about her “bracelets” and he was surprisingly very “interested” in them. He even said to me that next year is going to be even better and he can’t wait to see her then. I know, he won’t remember us BUT, it was so sweet! Knowing Santa was “cool” and talked to her about her stuff, I am hoping it will be even better next year!

  5. this pictures are adorable! My son did surprisingly well with santa this year! It looks like these cute kiddos did the same!
    Lauren recently posted…Currently Craving: MarsalaMy Profile

  6. The Not-So-Single Mom

    Awesome Lauren! Hopefully next year you will have the same luck! You never know…I almost didn’t get a shot this year, but after some convincing and letting her “watch and wave” for a while, we were finally successful!

  7. I’m glad it was a good experience this year! Thanks so much for sharing with us at the #homematters linky party! We’re back on January 9 🙂 We’d love for you to join us then!
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication recently posted…7 Things to Do With Your Christmas Dinner Leftovers!My Profile

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