Favorite Friday’s: Jewelry Accessory

Favorite Friday's - Jewelry Accessory

This week The Perfectionist Moms favorite jewelry accessory is revealed, Stud Earrings. I have recently become obsessed with Fossils line of stud earrings. I already have five pairs and will be getting one more for an anniversary present! The photo above shows my two absolute favorites. Earrings have always been a favorite of mine but I have SUPER sensitive skin and cheap earrings cause my poor ears big problems. I love that these are high quality, decently priced and so cute! After having my daughter I did not want to stop wearing jewelry all together so studs were the perfect compromise!

What is your favorite jewelry accessory??

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  1. Definitely earrings!! I’m lucky that I can wear costume jewelry, H&M and Forever 21 are my favorite places to get great jewelry.

    1. I have never been able to wear the earrings so I get tons of costume necklaces!

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