My Demanding Boss! Job description of a SAHM

My Demanding Boss! Job Description of a SAHM

I have had many different jobs in my life everything from retail and waitressing to working in a big corporate law office, each of those had their challenges but none of them had the demanding boss that I currently have.

  • This boss does not wait for my calls to be over before interrupting.
  • She follows me everywhere, little stalker. I cannot seem to get a moment where she is either not asking for me or on my heels.
  • She speaks a foreign language that I have never heard, I have been trying to teach her English but it’s taking a while. We are getting better at sign language, however that can sometimes include her throwing various objects my way.
  • When she gets angry watch out! You have never heard a boss let loose on you like she can. She hits pitches I am pretty sure only dogs can hear.
  • She never leaves the office and needs my full 24/7 attention. If she is sick all plans that are immediately and indefinitely canceled. If she has a bad night I have a bad night.
  • There are no vacation days. There is no, I am not sure I like this position anymore. You cannot quit, there are no promotions (you start at the top).
  • I have to do things for this boss that I never have had to for another.  I make her breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and help her eat them! This is besides changing her diapers, cleaning up whatever other messes her body decides to make and giving her a bath every night.
  • I have to entertain her and clean up after her all the time, she cannot do it herself, but there will come a day when she can.
  • There are no breaks. Even during naps there are no breaks because then I am preparing the house and food for my coworker, ah my handsome, loving relief pitcher. I miss him all the time when he is gone.

Obviously you know by now that I am a SAHM, my boss is my 1 almost 2 year old daughter. Let me preface this with I have never been a working mom. I do work from my house but in terms of leaving to go to a different location for work, I have never done that. I have been very lucky in this facet of my life. But to say the current job I inhabit is a cake walk by any means would be incorrect. This is actually the most difficult job I have ever had.

You constantly feel like you are behind in your work. You know that moment at the office where you can sit back and say, “Okay, done for the day at least” HA! Not at this job. I keep making lists planning for my house to be clean or my laundry to be done, well, for my anything to be done…this moment keeps eluding me somehow. Also for the work you do get done, there are NEVER props for it. Rarely my coworker acknowledges it but it’s got to be something big for that to occur.

I can go an entire week without leaving the four walls of my house. It drives me kind of house happy (that’s what I like to call insane, sounds better). My husband and I only have one car so if he is not working from home at least once that week we go nowhere.

There are pros

  • I get a really comfy uniform. I like to change it up but I can wear dresses, yoga pants and jeans everyday.
  • I love that I know my daughter better than anyone else. I know her noises, I know how she will react in most situations, I love having a little partner in crime.
  • I get the best pay I have ever gotten. I paid in big bear hugs, sloppy kisses and in the fact that she is just starting to say, “Love you mommy”.
  • I don’t miss anything; I see all the big moments and the little ones. Yes, some of those moments happen at 3am when I can barely keep my eyes open but I still experience them.

There was no training for this job. No amount of schooling prepared me for any of this. The tears, frustrations, and overwhelming total submersion that come with this job are not something you can prepare for.

The tears, frustrations, and overwhelming total submersion that come with this SAHM job are not something you can prepare for. @momentousmoms Click To Tweet

A lot of nights I dream of an office with only breakable objects, where the walls and furniture are a pristine white and I can wear clothes that are dry clean only with high heels and LOTS of jewelry. Then I wake up and the moment I walk into my daughters room and she says, “Hi, Mommy” all of that is gone and I am thrilled to have just one more second with my little boss.

Have you ever been a SAHM? If not what is the toughest job you have ever had??


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  1. It is one of the toughest jobs there is!

    1. It is but we do it because we love our kids and we are lucky enough to get to do it 🙂

  2. Being a SAHM definitely has some very demanding and uncompromising bosses…I have 3 and they seem to be very similar to yours 😀

    Still the Pros of the life definitely outweigh any Cons I can come up with…great post! 🙂
    Tiffany recently posted…Show Off YOUR North Carolina -Enter The NCBlogger Network Photo Contest! 2   Recently updated !My Profile

    1. Thank you! I am nervous about adding a second boss to the mix but for some reason we are still trying LOL

  3. This posts was hilarious! I miss those days but remember, it will all pay off when you see your daughter blossom into an amazing young woman!
    Tracy Gibb recently posted…Healthy Eating Tip: Replace Dessert With @Yoplait Greek 100!My Profile

    1. Thank you! I agree, just the small language explosion she has recently had has made all of the work worth while. I love watching her grow.

  4. After working in the corporate world while raising my first 3 kids to adult age, I became a SAHM for one month when my 2nd daughter from my 2nd set of kids was born. The SAHM mom lasted 1 month and then I became a WAHM. I cannot imagine ever going back to the corporate world but I know it will one day. There are challenges and it is so hard because you work 24/7 but it’s worth it.

    1. I am a WAHM too, gee maybe I should write how that is different from just being a SAHM. It is more challenging than I realized it would be but I would not want to change it.

  5. this is so funny, and all well stated. my only dose of being a SAHM was my 5 month maternity leave, and it was not easy. rewarding, but way more difficult than my current day job.
    jennifer {} recently posted…Ham, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast BraidMy Profile

    1. Thank you! I think just the mental break of going to a place that is not your own 4 walls gives the break even if it is a tough job. I dream about those times some days.

  6. I can only imagine how hard being a stay at home mom is! I would love to be a SAHM at some point in my life, and I hope to have the opportunity to be one some day. I just know it will be the toughest job yet, but I know it will also be the most rewarding! 🙂
    Gennie recently posted…An Anniversary Series: “I Do”My Profile

    1. It definitely is the most rewarding, but OMG can it be tough. My husband takes our daughter for a couple of hours on a weekend, comes home and says, “I have no idea how you do this all day” it’s a labor of love. I hope you get to try it!

  7. Sounds like a tough job but the pay-off seems to make up for it! 🙂
    Samantha recently posted…The Big NewsMy Profile

    1. The pay off is totally worth it. Thank you for stopping by!

  8. This article is so incredibly spot on. They are the best/worst bosses I have ever had.
    Amanda @ Queenofthelandoftwigsnberries recently posted…Embrace the SnowMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much. I was laughing out loud as I was writing it! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I remember the days when my kiddos were little. They were very demanding at times but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I miss those times. Now they can keep themselves busy and when they are at school all day, I get lonely at work and miss them terribly.
    MommaDJane recently posted…The day my child thought I was a strangerMy Profile

    1. We are looking at starting my daughter in daycare for two days a week soon, just for socialization and I keep thinking, “What am I going to do with my time??” It should be an interesting transition. I know I will miss her like crazy!

  10. I always say that being a stay at home mom can be the most fascinating, fulfilling, frustrating, fearful, fabulous jobs ever.
    Jeanae recently posted…13My Profile

    1. Very well said! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Haha! This is so true. I have a VERY demanding boss. My husband makes fun of me all the time because she has me on a time clock .

    1. LOL mine does too. My husband always jokes that I know what she is going need before she does because of her schedule. It seems to make life a little bit easier right?!

  12. I was in the same boat when my son was younger. Nap time was me time.
    Now he’s in preschool every day until 2:30p.
    Time flies. Enjoy her while you can!
    Joyce Brewer (@MommyTalkShow) recently posted…EZ Tofu Press Offers Vegetarian Meals Filled with FlavorMy Profile

    1. I am enjoying every single second. We are looking at starting preschool soon (well preschool for a 2 year old) and I am nervous as heck about it. I am not really looking forward to some of the special moments ending even though I know they have to.

  13. My boss is also nearing 2 years old! Being a SAHM is by far my toughest job… I worked in the corporate desk-job world prior to this and wow, my toddler boss is sure more demanding than my office boss! Before corporate america, I worked in a deli for a job and also shoveled poop in horse stalls for 8 hours a day.

    Taking care of a toddler 24/7? It’s the hardest job I’ve ever had but definitely the most wonderful and rewarding! These children are sponges and our job is so important 🙂
    Amy @ Life to the Full recently posted…Blessed in the Mess + Week 20 UpdateMy Profile

    1. Perfectly said. They absorb everything and need this attention so that when they are old enough to go out on their own they are ready! I never had as tough of a boss as I do now but she is still my favorite boss 🙂

  14. This was a great read! Thanks for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty. We hope you’ll party with us again this Friday.
    Bonnie recently posted…Bedroom and Closet Organization SolutionsMy Profile

    1. Thank you for stopping by! We love your link up!

  15. LOL! It’s funny because when my 4 year old yells for me my husband and I say, “your boss is calling!” Great post made laugh! Found your post through The Ultimate Pinterest Party. Pinning!

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