New Years Resolutions

2015 New Year's ResolutionsThis week started off a brand new. Happy 2015!!! Obvious topic…What are your New Years Resolutions?? You have to have at least one right??

The Not-So-Single Mom – You should have one thing you want to work on for the coming year, in my opinion. This time, mine is to be more patient and stop rushing everything. I tend to do a lot of “come on lets go, hurry up” and getting frustrated with this toddler stage. I want to work on that more so that I am not teaching my child that life is always a rush.

The Hot Mess Mom – My New Years Resolution…..Ok so instead of saying the infamous “to lose weight” resolution; I am going to make it a bit more specific. I will be more active with my kids outdoors. When I come home from work I am usually beat and go straight to cooking dinner or stopping at the store or any other mom related daily task, but this year I am going to make more time to get outside with them and do something…anything. My next resolution is more of a project. Lets call it The Picture Project. I document a whole lot of my kid’s life and have tons of albums already from when my daughter was born to about 5 years old. Well somewhere along the line one thing lead to another and I now have 3 years of photos on my computer, my phone and my husbands phone of both my kids that need to be printed and put in albums. I used to scrap book the albums and personalize them as a hobby and I loved it. This year I am going to get caught up with all the pictures and albums no matter what!

The Naturalist Mom – My new years resolution for 2015 is focus on family. I feel when everything is right at home, everything is right in the world. I’d like to work on my patience with my children, my husband and finding my balance maintaining my sanity. I’d like to focus on my relationship with my husband, because with how busy life is- we tend to forget those closest to us. So, yea, my resolution is my family, bringing us closer, making memories and enjoying the good times!

The Perfectionist Mom – If I had to say a resolution, instead of a goal, it would be to keep my life organized. I feel like I try so hard with this every year and every year about July I just throw in the towel. This year I am determined to get this right. I want to be able to stay as organized as possible. I would also say I want to start dating my husband again, so I resolve to have a better dating/love life. We have not been taking full advantage of the babysitting options we have available so that is a resolution we both made! Sounds like the makings for a good 2015.

What are your 2015 resolutions??

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms

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  1. My resolution is to remove the negative people from my life. I have spent too many years in one sided friendships. It is time to focus on me and my family.

    1. Great resolutions! I know there are some people I could stand to get rid of but it always seems to hard!
      The Perfectionist Mom recently posted…Favorite Fridays: ExerciseMy Profile

  2. I love how you split up your resolutions! Very clever. I am also going to try to be healthier and more active. My big one this year is to save more money.

    1. Thank you! Saving money is ALWAYS on my mind LOL. I really hope that we are able to stop having that resolution eventually 🙂

  3. I REALLY need to work on the “keep my life organized” thing! I also need to work on the photo organizing! Is it sad that I STILL haven’t finished my son’s sports photo album and he just turned 30???????
    Pamela Robbins recently posted…RESOLUTIONS AND/OR GOALS?My Profile

  4. MJ

    I love this resolution list. I am working on doing Simply things this year which pretty much includes all of the above.
    MJ recently posted…Baby Bump Watch: Pregnancy & Prayers NeededMy Profile

  5. It’s funny how I can truly imagine the conversation among these 3 moms. My hope is that my resolutions sticks. So I am making them a few and making them manageable.
    Kimberly Bolden recently posted…10 Ways 2014 Can Help You Own 2015My Profile

    1. Why is it that when we call them resolutions they NEVER seen to stick but when they are goals we get more motivated to complete them! Good luck with yours I hope they stick!

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