Weekly Roundup #16

Weekly Roundup #16Welcome to our Weekly Roundup! Thank you to all of our readers over the last week! If you missed any of our posts this week here they are, Click, Comment and Share!

What did you get under the Tree? – We started the week off by sharing our favorite gifts we found under our trees, did you get anything special?

Buckling down Financially…Tips on Trying to Save Money this year – The Hot Mess Mom shared some of the best tricks she is trying to save money this year. What are your best tips and tricks?

Earthing – What is it…How does it Benefit you? – The Naturalist Mom shared why it is SO important for you to get your feet dirty! Not only is it fun but there are tons of health benefits from it.

Yes, I am THAT mom and Proud of it! – The Not-So-Single Mom told us loud and proudly that she loves to steal Oreos after her little one is asleep and maybe needs a mani-pedi. Are you that mom too? I know we all are 😉

Missing School for Family Vacations, illegal?? – The Perfectionist Mom shared a story she could not let go by, is skipping school for a family vaca illegal? It would appear so in some states. What do you think?

Favorite Friday’s: Cleaning Product – The Not-So-Single Mom shared her favorite cleaning product. Hopefully this will help us stay on track for a clean house resolution.

Our group discussion will be coming to you soon but for now, what topics would you like to see on Favorite Fridays?

Hope you have an amazing week!!!


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