Favorite Friday’s: Kids App

Favorite Friday - Kids AppThis week The Not-So-Single Moms favorite kids app is revealed, Kidoko Pop The Balloon!┬áIt’s hard to choose just one. I never thought I would give my toddler an iPad, but I did. I didnt want her to be glued to electronics like I see other kids doing when we are out and about, but we have made it educational and only at home. I am going to give you my favorite starter app that we used when she was about a year old, and she still uses! Its called Kidoko Pop The Balloon Free. All of her apps are free and all are educational. This one was a great starter app because it teaches numbers, letters and colors…but it also teaches eye hand coordination. The items float around in bubbles and she quickly learned to find and pop them, and thats what it says the item out loud. Watching her eye hand coordination get better and better was amazing, as well as her learning her numbers and letters and colors pretty early. If you let your little ones use apps, check this one out!

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