Saving My Sanity! My Fun way to Decompress

Saving My Sanity - My fun way to decompressHave you ever woken up with that fuzzy feeling. You feel sort of like you are in a haze for the majority of the day? That is something that has been happening to me a lot lately. There is a lot of going on in my world right now. As parents I think there are times where you have a lot going on (the majority of the time) and then there are times when you REALLY have a LOT going on. That is my current section of chaos.

Saving Sanity - Lost MindSo what is a girl supposed to do when she has too much on her plate and no time to really work on anything? Why go online and search out humorous content of course, or at least have friends do it for you. When I get hectic like this I often find if I don’t take some me time and decompress for at least 5 minutes I become like a bomb waiting to go off. My poor hubby usually gets the brunt of the explosion. One of the things I started doing a while ago was calling my mom-friends. I really have two or three that help. We are all moms and totally understand then you just need a laugh, not always to pour your heart out. So we came up with a fun tradition of sending each other those mom Someecards for those very special moments in a moms life.

Saving Sanity - Mommy Watch This!Goodness knows there are plenty of them out there. Pick a couple friends and send them when you have moments like when you need a reminder that daddy is watching the buggy later and we are going out!

Saving Sanity - Breaking Out!With that in mind I thought sharing our decompression addiction with all of you might make you laugh and lift your spirits! Here are some of the BEST “Mommy/Parenting” cards we have sent each other.

For Days when the kid(s) are OUT OF CONTROL!

Saving Sanity - Mega-MeltdownWhen the car ride is not worth the hassle.Saving Sanity - Swatting into back of carWhen you need a big morning pick me upSaving Sanity - Coffee protection

Saving Sanity - Tired MommyWhen I miss who I was before kids:

Saving Sanity - Poo SongWhen I might cry if I hear Mommy one more time…

Saving My Sanity - Mommy MommyTo remind me about the good parts of a rough day:

Saving Sanity - Cold MommyWhen we finally get away and head to the mall; then we see a baby sleeping in a stroller and say, “I really want another baby!”

Saving Sanity - MadhouseAnd finally when I need to remember that I am never alone

Saving Sanity - BFF'sHope these made you smile. I have a TON more that I will share later but in the mean time just send me a message if you need any mommy humor and inspiration.

Do you have any fun traditions you do with your friends to lift your spirits??

With Love,

The Perfectionist Mom

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  1. These are awesome, and so true. Thanks for the laugh:)
    Julie S. recently posted…Pumping Bag Essentials for the Working MomMy Profile

  2. haha I loved reading these! They are so true it’s sad. I really like the one about how I am living with an army I made myself.
    Tricia recently posted…Frozen Strawberry Yogurt HeartsMy Profile

  3. This made me laugh!! LOL Thanks so much for such a relatable post. I honestly don’t have funny traditions with my friends anymore.
    Keisha Gardner recently posted…Wanna Win This Wednesday?My Profile

  4. This is so true. There is this tiny break were the year isn’t so bad and then they turn a year older and it feels like they are 3 again *sigh*
    Nicole Keener recently posted…5 Gifts NOT to Give On Valentines DayMy Profile

  5. I love mom memes! They crack me up.
    Melodi Steinberg recently posted…Adorable DIY Dinosaur ValentinesMy Profile

  6. Lovely living with an army funny. great post and thanks for sharing.
    PATRICE M FOSTER recently posted…7 Things You Should Know Before Embarking On Valentine Day | celebrateMy Profile

  7. YES to all of these! I’m in the throes of toddler parenthood right now, so the toddler cleaning one (or lack there of) really hit home! 🙂

  8. Love this! Thanks for the chuckle. P.S. the toddler folding laundry is my life! Lol
    Jen Carl recently posted…Mini Heart Shaped Strawberry Pie RecipeMy Profile

  9. As Mama’s we all need to laugh and decompress sometimes and these are great Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.
    Amberjane recently posted…Pin Worthy WednesdayMy Profile

  10. How funny! I’ll have to start something like this with my friends. It would help ease the hard days!

  11. These are funny. Thanks for sharing!
    Brenda @Schooling a Monkey recently posted…6 Effective Ways to Teach Math to a Struggling StudentMy Profile

  12. Oh how I needed to read some of these. Cute post.

  13. These are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by and linking up at the Home Matters LInky Party
    Alyssa recently posted…What I Love about the Erin Condren Life PlannerMy Profile

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