Stop the Snoring!!

Stop the Snoring!!!My husband and I only sleep together 2 nights a week due to him working midnights. I am very used to sleeping  by myself but I hate it. It’s great when I finally get him next to me…until his eyes close. It’s as if I’m transported to a cave with a bear hibernating for the winter. It doesn’t matter whether he is on his back, his side, or his stomach, he is going to snore! Lately it has been getting a little worse and the only reason I can tell is because the snoring didn’t use to wake me up constantly throughout the night like it does now.

I already have insomnia which is a whole other issue in itself, so when I do finally fall asleep I really need to be able to stay asleep. I have been so incredibly tired lately because the normal 4 hours of sleep that I get a night is now broken up by my husbands snoring. I finally recorded it for him so he could hear it the next morning…not like he doesn’t know he snores though. We talked about just getting ear plugs for me to wear to bed so I don’t even hear it but I am having a hard time with that because son is only 2 and I worry about not hearing him if something is wrong. I have been telling my husband to go to the ENT doctor for about a year and now I am demanding it. We are going to Disney for 3 days in March and I refuse to have myself and 2 children be so exhausted that the trip is miserable because we couldn’t get any sleep.

In the meantime before he goes to see an ENT I have looked up some products and remedies for snoring that we will be trying. My husband is a decent size man and he knows that weight gain can be a cause for snoring too but in the meantime until we can find out exactly how to help him I am hoping that the power of the internet will help me.

I researched and found Z Quiet mouthpiece. Apparently it’s super popular and had pretty good reviews. It comes in at around $60 and is incredibly simple to use. The mouthpiece holds the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep which in turn opens the airway and eliminates snoring.

The other contraption that I found was the Anti Snoring Chin Strap. It’s basically a piece of material that fits around the chin and over the head and keeps the mouth closed. Snoring typically comes from the throat when there is an issue with the airway. By keeping the mouth closed, it forces the air to only come in and out through the nose and therefore can also eliminate the snoring.

While I was looking for ways to stop the snoring I came across a natural remedy. This sounded nuts to me but I might actually try it just for fun. Breathe Essential Oil Respiratory and Sinus Relief is a combination of essential oils that work together to cleanse and soothe the airways and apparently it can also stop snoring. The even crazier part is that it is supposed to be applied to the big toe due to reflexology telling us that the pressure point for sinuses is on the toes. Whatever, it’s worth a shot.

I know I am not the only one who has to sleep with a pillow over her head so any insight from other experiences would be greatly appreciated =)

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  1. Thanks for Sharing your Problem with Solution. I would definitely suggest this to my other friends who snores very badly and some of their bed partners have insomnia due to this bloody Snoring Problem.

  2. Rika

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    At the time of snoring, the oxygen supply can be reduced, so you are tired the next day. If not addressed, sleep time should be used to rest, to be not maximal.
    To avoid various health problems that can occur due to snoring, you should immediately cope with these bad habits. Try to do eight easy steps in preventing the following snoring:

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