Where’s Daddy

Where is my Daddy And other constant questions when he is Home.

My husband has been traveling for work for years. After my daughter was born, it made it hard on us all. It even came down to her being slightly afraid of him for about 24 hours when he got home, because he was a stranger at first. Now that she’s two and a half, she waits anxiously for him when we go to the airport, and runs to him when she sees him coming from the tram. It melts my heart and I nearly cry every time.

Now, usually my daughter is a momma’s girl. Yes, she LOVES her daddy, but she’s very glued to me. I love it. I have no complaints. It is my job and the best job I have and will ever have. The last 2 times my husband has been home, the following phrases have been used THOUSANDS of times, and are driving me insane: “Where’s daddy?” and “I want to see daddy” and “Daddy’s Coming?”

It’s not a jealousy thing. I love the fact that she wants to play with daddy, but sometimes daddy just cant. Sometimes he has to use the bathroom, work on something that mommy cant do, mow the grass, and lay flooring amongst other things. Sometimes he just wants to go play alone. Nope, a cute two-year-old has other plans.

Daddy is working with tools

Usually when I get her up in the morning, whether it be waking her up or going in after she’s awake, I get morning hugs and kisses and we pick out her clothes and get dressed and talk about what we are going to do that day. Now, I WALK in her room and before she has her eyes fully opened, has not sat up and I have received no hugs she says, “I want to go see daddy”. Seriously? What about me? Can we please get stuff started before you insist on seeing daddy?

Then it’s time for lunch. They have been playing on and off all morning. I make her lunch and sit her down to eat and she says, “Where’s Daddy?” Now I have to explain that he is working outside and she can see him after she eats her lunch. I head to the kitchen to make my own lunch and she is up and has the door halfway open to go outside and see daddy before I even make it back to the kitchen. Now, I am basically locking him out and want to tie her to a chair just to get her to eat her lunch.

Do any of you have husbands who disappear into the bathroom with their phone or tablet or iPad and spend 20 minutes of “alone time” in there? I have one of those husbands. He likes his “alone time” to browse the internet or play a game. Yes, my daughter finds him, opens the door and goes in and shuts the door behind her, so much for alone time. If I know that is where he is, sometimes I have to lie to her to give him his potty time. Other wise my honest answer to “where’s daddy” results in her interrupting him, HAHA.

Those are only THREE examples of HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of incidents that she went through in a 6 week period of him being home. I don’t have enough time or battery life to explain them all! I can tell you this…as soon as she is sick or hurt or scared, 98% of the time she still wants her mommy. I also left one day for 2 hours and JUST before I got home she asked for ME and he told her I wasn’t home and she was crying when I walked in the door because of what he told her. I also told her since she didn’t want mommy, I was leaving and proceeded to walk out of the house and she had a meltdown. I know she still wants me around, but she is always insisting on DADDY at very inconvenient times.

This is just one more of those things that I have been dealing with as a Not-So-Single Mom.

Do any of you ever have these issues? How do you deal with them?

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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  1. Aw. I’m sure that has got to be hard.
    My girls are grown, but I do remember going through times like this. Especially being a stay at home mom.. It seemed Dad was the coolest parent ever when he got home.

    But than when I would go out with my friend or something.. they would bug him.. where’s mom? when’s mom coming back.

    Hang in there.. it will get better.. and enjoy this time.. it goes by VERY VERY fast.

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thank you Mikki! That is exactly how it is here! When he is home, he is SO COOL! It was the same way for my growing up because my dad was a police officer and gone a lot, or what seemed to be a lot because days would go by when we wouldn’t see him because he got home and left while we were still asleep, or was only home while we were at school.

  2. So sweet. a daddy’s girl! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Erin -Sixth Bloom recently posted…7 Steps to Master FreelensingMy Profile

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      Thanks for reading! She is very much a daddys girl, that is for sure! And, he LOVES every second of it!

  3. I hear you. My husband and I lived apart for a while and our daughter really missed him. Even now when he goes to the store and she forgets that he is gone, she’ll say where is daddy?
    Nicole Keener recently posted…Grimm’s Complete Fairy TalesMy Profile

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      Nicole, the same is happening the past few days since he left for his 6 weeks out of country for work. She forgets and says “wheres daddy” or “lets go see daddy” and is looking for him. I have to stop her and say “Do you remember what I told you, where IS daddy?” Then she remembers and says “Daddy is working in Africa”. Though she doesn’t know where that is, she is not even 3 yet, it reminds her that he isn’t home =(

  4. My hubby is a farmer so there are ti.e’s of year when he gets home after bedtime. The kids get awful and sometimes I don’t realize how long they go without seeing him because I still see him each day .
    crystal recently posted…Introducing…My Profile

    1. The Not-So-Single Mom

      I think that is how it was when I was growing up, because my dad was a police officer. My mom may have seen him for short time, but it seems like days between when we last saw him. It’s hard, but It worked out in the end and now i am married to a traveling man and am in a way accustomed to it.

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