Don’t you wish you could say…

Don't you wish you could say...This week is probably one of the most stressful of the year for me and my little family of three. Forget Thanksgiving and Christmas, we travel for those. Rarely do people come over to our house and we have to play host. If we do its a one day shot and the rest is quiet. But this week, well it is a different animal.

My daughter is turning two on Friday and her birthday party is on Saturday. This means that for four days we have people staying with us, which we actually like but is still work. TONS of planning, because I never take a break, no small parties for my daughter. Honestly, I wish I could but I live in such fear that she is going to be our only child I feel like not making a big deal would be missing an event.

My daughter is a super smart cookie, she knows when mommy is stressed and busy. She understands why I cannot play with her every second of the day. Not that I normally do but when I am actually super busy it is all she wants. So to save my sanity on this Wednesday; while the insanity level is still under level 10, I wanted to share some more of my addiction to Someecards. Parenting Humor for your week!

Here are things I really do wish I could say at certain moments, especially this week, but instead only think in my head…

Things to my darling sweet wonderful child…

Don't you wish you could say...Difficult

Especially now that she is starting to realize she can argue…

Don't you wish you could say...argument

I may in fact from time to time utter these words to her BUT YOU, stranger who I do not know in the grocery store are not allowed to say a word to her…

Don't you wish you could say...True Story

And you random childless neighbor who I do not speak to (for a reason)…

Don't you wish you could say...Parenting

Let us not forget the husband who, well you know…

Don't you wish you could say...Say Im pretty

Because in the end I know we are all doing the same thing…

Don't you wish you could say...Social Media

The best we can.

So I will continue to plan what some would call an excessive party this week and make sure that while I want to lash out at almost everyone and everything I do not because after all, I am a lady and a supermom.

Wish me Luck,

The Perfectionist Mom

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