My Daddy’s Girl

My Daddy's GirlI never got it. My boys have ALWAYS been Mama’s  boys. Every need, want, anything has always been a mommy thing.  Daddy has always been the fun guy.  Mommy has always been business, lovins and cuddles.

When we were pregnant with our daughter my heart exploded with joy.  It was the new adventure of a girl. We had been around the block twice with boys but a girl meant new everything. Most of all a partner in crime, a buddy and little girl after my own heart.

I never understood why my husband was “jealous” of the relationship I had with our boys. That is, until recently, my daughter has become a daddy’s girl. We made it to 15 months nursing. Huge milestone and amazing goal for this mama. But it seemed as soon as the need for nursing ceased,  so did my daughter’s comfort in me.  Everything is daddy. Although it absolutely melts my heart,  it breaks it at the same time. She has moments where I’m the flavor of the moment, but otherwise daddy is the great equalizer. Her heart beats for him and mine is as fragile as glass. I now understand all the years my husband viewed my relationship with my boys.

I honestly must brag that my husband is the best Daddy to our kids. His love is so special and he has such a great relationship with each of the children. It’s especially special to see his love for his daughter.

I know this won’t be a forever thing and for now I will make do. However I never thought it would be my reality.

For always a Daddys girl…

-the Naturalist Mama

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