Younique – Starting to love makeup again!

Younique Review - Bringing me back to makeupIn high school I wore makeup all of the time. It was part of my routine. Fast forward to meeting and marrying my husband, he tends not to like too much makeup so I wore a little less. Then when I was pregnant with my daughter I stopped working. I kind of stopped seeing the point in wearing it at all. It got even worse after she was born. I did not feel like myself old self pre-baby, I didn’t feel pretty and I was home with a toddler all day. There was very little point and honestly like sometimes happens, I got lazy with it. I have been on the path of getting back to me and when I was given the opportunity from Lori Waycaster,, to try out some new makeup I thought why not! What gal wouldn’t be excited about that? The brand is called Younique and I was able to try out their pressed powder foundation and their eyeliner.

Let me start off by telling you I have red hair and fair skin. My skin is also very sensitive, dry and I have been battling hormonal acne since getting pregnant. I have been looking to find a powder foundation to cover my redness and acne without clogging my pores or irritating my skin in other ways. It’s hard for me to find something that does both. The Younique products are made without irritating additives and perfumes, so I thought I would give it a try.

Younique Review Pressed Powder FoundationI applied my daily acne cream before using the foundation. I let it dry and then began my application. I used the included applicator pad for the foundation and it seemed to cover nicely. The redness was nearly gone and it was a nice even coverage. When I looked closer, it seemed like it enhanced the dryness of my skin, and it possibly didn’t sit well over the acne cream. I was a little discouraged until I browsed their site and found primers that I believe will eliminate this issue. I plan on buying this primer to see if I can eliminate the dryness issue. Another one I may invest in is this product, called a complexion enhancer. I wish I had known before trying the foundation that these items would be beneficial, but I am definitely going to start investing in some additional items to get the best results possible. Overall I was impressed with the coverage and I am confident that with the right primer, it will be even better.

Younique Review Eye LinerNext I tried the eyeliner. I don’t often wear much makeup so my application skills need some improving. I applied it on my eye line and on the lid. It went on smooth in both areas. It did not smudge all day on the lid, but I needed a touch up on the eye line later in the day. I tried the eye line again the second day after doing a quick sharpen of the pencil and it stayed on much longer. It just needed a little sharpen before use. I was pretty impressed with the lack of smudging, because I tend to rub my eyes forgetting I have make up on! No messes here, and I cannot wait to try out a few more colors. I honestly want to try a bunch more of Youniques products now that I have tried these, and that is coming from someone who has make up older than her daughter. Things are going to change now, and Younique is going to help me with that!

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