Farmers Market Fresh Groceries

Farmers Market Fresh GroceriesRecently I have been getting into a different grocery shopping routine. I know I am a little late jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to buying all organic and farm fresh however I am not called the Hot Mess Mom for nothing. I am always running crazy with this family and our schedules and one trip to Publix or Target is all I can manage most times. I have been trying to make a change by going to a local farm fresh market that is down the street from my daughter’s school so it’s more convenient. It’s called Maria’s Market and it’s about as rustic as it comes. Any more farm fresh and I’d have to pick the tomatoes myself. Don’t get me wrong, the things you can buy there are limited. They don’t have meat or anything like that but when it comes to fruits, vegetables, and beans they have such a large variety that all my fresh produce needs are met.

Farmers Market Fresh Groceries - Freshness!The first time I went there I was shocked because there is literally a small very old house that is attached to the market and that is where the owners live. Beyond the house there is a large property with cows and it really doesn’t seem like I’m in South Florida for a minute. The best part of the trip is the cost. I was absolutely amazed that the price of all my bags was around $29 and for the same amount of groceries at a regular supermarket I would have paid at least $50. Potatoes that are anywhere from $4 – $6 for a 3 pound bag are $1 – $2 for the same amount if not more. For a family of 4 (between my husband and kids it’s like feeding a family of 6) I can buy a weeks worth of fruits and vegetables for approximately $30 – $35 dollars. This keeps the cost of groceries down every week and I love knowing that I have to scrub the dirt off my vegetables because they were literally home grown.

Farmers Market Fresh Groceries - Taste BetterThis is a habit I have gotten into and I recommend anyone who is tired of buying over priced produce to see if there is a local farm fresh market near you. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the farmers markets that are big and fancy and have all kinds of organic products and expensive pasta sauces, to the ones that are like shacks with farms in the back like Maria’s Market. Whatever works best for you and your family; I just wanted to share my experience because it has been working out so well for us. The food taste better and overall it’s just a better feeling about where your food is coming from.

What do you think? Where do you buy the majority of your produce? How do you find great farmers markets?

The Hot Mess Mom

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