Holiday Parties at Daycare: How I am trying to be THAT mom

Holiday Parties at Daycare I am trying to be THAT momHopefully you have already read my post on being “that mom”. In a way, I am still THAT mom when it comes to parties at daycare. I haven’t had my daughter in daycare very long, but we have gone to a Valentines Day and Easter Party at her class. I went out of my way to go above and beyond. As I have mentioned before…I lack in the way of creativity. I somehow did not inherit that gene from my mother, but here is how I made my wanna be creativity work for me!

Valentines day party for 2 year olds…I had no idea what to expect, and I wasn’t told about the party until Tuesday…and the party was Friday! I have 3 days to get valentines cards/candy ready? I could not just be the one who taped a lollipop to a Valentines Day card. Instead I braved the crowds at Walmart in their Valentines Day section, looking for just the right things, even though I had no idea what I was looking for!

I really wanted bags. I wanted cute little Valentines bags that I could put candy in and tie up, easy as can be. Instead, I found cups. They weren’t expensive, and I figured if I had any left over, my daughter could use them at home. I picked up inexpensive packages of small bouncy balls, bead necklaces, tiny bottles of bubbles and a few different types of candy. I dropped everything into the cup and then took some press and seal saran wrap type material from the kitchen and covered the cups. Took the cards, wrote on them and taped them to the top of the now covered cups. It was a bit tedious, but it worked out well for this not-so-creative mamma and I though they were super cute!

Holiday Parties at Daycare Valentines DayEaster came around and I was given the same amount of notice! Once again, I was stumped. I couldn’t do the same thing as Valentines Day, so this time I went to the Dollar Tree! Everything was $1. Love that place and I didn’t even know it! This time I found Easter (plastic) goodie bags! All I had to do was fill them. I bought packages of little boxes of stickers, and a couple different types of candy. Dropped everything in and tied up the bunny bags with twist ties provided with the bags. I was proud of my easy projects, and only one other mom does this sort of thing, so I was happy to be THAT mom again, just in a different way.

Holiday Parties at Daycare EasterWhy do I feel like I need to do these things you ask? Well, my daughter is my only child and though I would like to have more, my husband does not. I wish to spoil her, and make the very best of every minute I can. I want to try and do “THAT mom” things as much as I can. I want her to remember me as the cool mom, the mom who is totally involved with her and her school and her activities. I want to. That is excuse enough for me!

Do your kids have little parties at daycare? What do you do for them?

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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