Struggles with Potty Training

Struggles with Potty Training - Tips on how to help First let me start out by saying that my son was not completely potty trained the second he turned 2…and it’s ok. He is 2 1/2 and we are doing our best to get this potty thing down. My daughter was not 100 % trained until she was 3 and it’s looking like my son will be the same way. He’s pretty good with me, I take him every hour or so and he usually lets me know when he needs to go. He has this cute little seat that has a step ladder attached to it so he can climb up himself, it works well because he likes using it so much. I’m not the biggest fan of pull-ups because in my opinion it gives the child the feeling of a diaper so they are more inclined to involuntarily have an accident in the pull up. I just go straight to underwear and luckily my son loves his Mickey Mouse underwear so it’s easy to tell him not to get Mickey wet or dirty. He definitely has an accident everyday at this point but at least he is getting more used to just wearing the underwear and using the potty more frequently.

The problem I am running into is when he stays dry with me but then has an accident with dad. I work during the day and my husband at night so when I am home with him he doesn’t have too many accidents if any, but then when I go to work I will call my husband a couple hours later and he says that he already had to change one pair of underwear. It’s like my son tries harder when I am there….or my honest opinion is that I try harder than my husband….sorry hubby. Potty training takes a lot of effort…for the parents!

As I have stated before, I am certified in Triple P which is the Positive Parenting Program and one of the topics that we use for parents is “Potty Training”. You would think since I teach this stuff it would be a lot easier for me with my own kids….not the case 😉  Referring to my potty training “tip sheet”, below are some helpful tips and tools if you are like me and having some potty training struggles….

Potty Patterns – Finding a pattern in the times of day that your child uses the bathroom is helpful because then you can beat them to it and sit them on the potty before they go in their diaper or underwear. Eventually they will associate the feeling of a full bladder with using the toilet.

Diapers vs Underwear – Since diapers are a sign that it is ok to go to the bathroom anytime anywhere, it can be useful to only use them at night when potty training. This may mean washing a lot of underwear constantly but it may make for a faster transition when there is no confusion of going back and forth from diapers to underwear during the day.

Picking out a potty – Just like adults pick out furniture, sometimes it’s helpful to have the opinion of your little one when choosing the right potty seat. Some toddlers may take better to the potty ring that sits right on the toilet seat and some might prefer the whole mini toilet that sits on the floor in the bathroom. Chances are they will be more inclined to use what they picked out themselves.

Keep reminding – At first your toddler might not tell you all the time that they need to go to the bathroom as they are also getting used to this new development. Reminding them to tell you is helpful and asking every 20-30 minutes is also helpful. If your toddler is willing to go then take them constantly throughout the day and have them sit on the toilet for 3-5 minutes. Sometimes they don’t think they need to go until they are sitting on the toilet for a little bit. Then they will feel the sensation of having to release which will help them to correlate that sensation in the future with sitting on the potty.

Have a potty party – Kids of all ages love to be praised, whether it’s for learning to walk, or learning to read, they love being praised and usually it helps promote that positive behavior. Potty training isn’t any different. When they use the toilet make a big deal out of it so there is no mistake that they have definitely done the right thing and mommy or daddy is extremely proud of them. Kids will want to repeat the same behavior that gets them all the attention and smiles.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped a little bit. I myself am using them as well so hopefully we will be 100 % in underwear during the day very soon. Happy training!

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