SPARKBOX Toys: Putting the Spark into Playtime

SPARKBOX Toys ReviewLet’s be honest, how much playtime to the majority of your children’s toys really get, about a month right? That is if they are actually something interesting and can keep your child’s mind working. My daughter has a TON of toys. Every Christmas and Birthday, just three months later, brings in a new slew of great toys. The problem is my daughter is VERY picky about what she plays with. We have a closet full of toys that have yet to be opened. A lot of time she is too young when we receive them or we already have something very similar and she is not interested in the new toy. We donate more toys to shelters than I ever imagined, which is great but still.

**We received a free trial from SPARKBOX Toys for review. Every opinion is my own and I only share things I love!**

Imagine my delight when I found out there is a company out there who rents toys meet SPARKBOX Toys. That’s right, for a small fee you, about $35 per month (but there are other options) you get 4 amazing educational toys to rent! You kids can play with them for as long as you like really but again there is that couple week attention span with most of our toys. We were lucky enough to get a box to check out!! I was super excited. It arrived at our door and of course it happened to arrive during the birthday rush so my girl assumed it was for her.

SPARKBOX Toys Free Shipping I sat her down, making sure I could go through it first. When you open it there are bags, and a your return address label, very important to save. This ensures free shipping once you are done with the toys. Our box contained PlanToys Dancing Alligator, PlanToys Stacking Tree, The Learning Journey Touch and Learn Alphabet Fish Learning Toy, and last but not least Learning Resources New Sprouts Healthy Lunch. My daughter received a play kitchen for Christmas and so the first thing she grabbed was the lunch basket!

SPARKBOX Toys The Toys!I showed her each of the toys and she looked but she only wanted the basket. She walked around with it for several hours without putting it down. Later that evening she checked out the ABC Fish but never really got into it. She is more of an imaginative learner and while this toy is extremely educational and wonderful it was not her cup of tea.

The next day The Hot Mess Mom and company stopped by; they have a son just 6 months older. He gravitated right toward the alligator. My daughter watched as he started to drag the alligator and was fascinated by the noises it made. She had never played like that with a toy and wanted to try so badly. Note to parents very loud toy. They then decided to explore the tree together and that was awesome to watch. The learning was great, different sized “branches” with different colors to categorize, stack and figure out.

SPARKBOX Toys TreeOne of the great things about SPARKBOX is every toy is educational. They carry some of the best brands in the country, a lot of the toys they send have won global toy awards and you cannot find a lot of them at your typical toy store.

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Now for the nitty gritty and important questions that I had and since introducing this to friends they have had…

What if I loose a piece? Well, according to if you end up loosing a piece there will be a small replacement cost, but you do not have to pay for the entirety of the toy.

What if my child falls in love with a toy? Happened to us! There is no way my daughter is going to give up that lunch basket. It is now part of our household’s daily play. If your child falls in love you can purchase that toy at a discounted rate!

What about germs, haven’t other kids played with these toys? Yes, they have BUT SPARKBOX has an amazing sanitization process which you can read about on their website. It left me feeling really confident that the toys were clean.

How long can I keep the toys? The average is about 30 days but according to their site there is no limit. You send it back when your child is done with the toys.

What about shipping? Everything is included in the cost of your subscription! Free shipping both ways.

SPARKBOX Toys We recommend it for play!I love that each of the toys she received are toys that I would probably not purchase for her, minus the play food. I love that her mind was challenged in different ways with each toy. This company is such a fantastic idea and one that could really save some time trying to pick out a toy she will love for a long time. If what you choose ends up not being perfect, send it back. I think SPARKBOX got it 100% right. It put the SPARK back in my daughters playing!

If you would like any further information about SPARKBOX Toys, how could you not, below is a list of all of their social media!








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