Third Trimester Anxiety

Third Trimester Anxiety

Since hitting the 3rd trimester, so much has been running through my mind. I have anxiety about if I’m going to be a good mom, how Baby M is doing and making sure I have everything prepared. It is crazy to think that in 7 weeks I’ll be holding my baby boy in my arms.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had several breakdowns if I’m going to be a good mom. Will I know how often to feed my baby? How will the transition be for my dog? Do I have everything ready for the arrival? All and much more has been on my mind. At 32 weeks, I started weekly fetal non stress test, as an extra precaution, due to my blood pressure being borderline high.

The more the due date approaches, I just keep praying that my pregnancy continues to go well and that my baby boy is healthy. Being a first time mom is scary, as your entire world is changing, but I welcome that change with open arms.

My husband and I have enrolled in birthing classes, breastfeeding class, and an infant care class. We hope with these classes, that we will be prepared for labor, delivery, and caring for our baby boy. Will I know when I am having contractions? I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was 18 weeks along, so I hope I know when I’m going into labor.

Chatting with other first time moms, I am more prepared than a lot. The nursery is complete, clothes are pre-washed, and baby gear is assembled. I have started stock piling on toiletries, everyday items, and food. As I know once the baby comes, it will be more difficult to go to the store, so I want to be prepared for a couple of weeks with all of the essentials.

It is always good to talk to family and friends about your fears and anxiety. There are a lot of pregnancy message boards, where you can chat with other moms about your pregnancy, fears, etc. I feel that having an outlet to talk about things has truly helped.

How did you deal with your third trimester anxieties? Any advice is appreciated!


The Rookie Mom (in-Waiting)


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  1. I remember this time so well. I had to be put on bed rest, but I was so excited. Our nursery was complete and we were ready. I did not know exactly what was happening when I went into labor. I was in the bathroom at church and water started trickling down my leg. A nurse happened to be there. She told me to go to emergency room asap. My water was breaking. I didn’t know, but it had not broke all the way. So my doctor had to finish breaking my water 24 hours later. Don’t worry. Fears and anxiety are natural at this stage. When you see your little one all will fall into place.
    Mary Hill recently posted…Learning from Risk TakersMy Profile

    1. Mary, thank you for the kind words. I cannot wait for my little man’s arrival!

  2. I felt the same way all those years ago, but it seemed after the baby was born, it all fell into place. Your instincts pop in. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and enjoy that new bundle of joy. They grow up before you know it.

    1. Thanks, Tammy! Everyone says once he is here, my motherly instincts will be in full force. I just hope to be the best mom I can be!

  3. To be honest the only anxiety I experienced was how I was going to get her out! I knew I’d be a good parent but to get that baby out was another story.
    aimee fauci recently posted…5 Simple Tips to a Successful PicnicMy Profile

  4. Anonymous

    Honey, you are going to be the BEST Mommy ever!!! You are so loving and kind!!!
    I love you very much!!!

    Mommy xoxoxoxox

    1. Thanks Mommy, that means a lot! 🙂
      The Rookie Mom (in waiting) recently posted…Third Trimester AnxietyMy Profile

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