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Mom Support SystemI have been facing a lot of challenges lately. Some emotional, some physical and during this time of challenge I have had to learn to lean on my mom friends. As women and moms we tend to think that we need to be strong all of the time. We can never let our façade crack. I am totally guilty of this all the time. I push myself to the point where I actually get sick because I push myself so hard. When that happens I am no good to my little girl or myself.

I am lucky enough to be in the position to have some amazing mom friends both close to and far from me. I have a large network that I can turn to when the going really gets tough. Whether it is just to vent and cry to or when I need physical help. These women know exactly how to help and that is because they too have been there and needed the extra support.

I am all about life hacks; one way to make our lives a little easier is to establish your very own mommy support system. Find the people in your life that will be there no matter what. I understand these women can be hard to find. We are all super busy and rarely find time to breathe much less help someone else out but if you do it just once for them chances are they will be there for you.

Helping can be anything really. Here are some of the best ways you can help a mama in need.

  • Be there for a shoulder to cry on
  • Don’t judge them, just listen
  • Make a meal when they are sick
  • Watch the kids even for an hour, so they can rest
  • Get a fun gift just to let them know you are there
  • Have everyone over, make drinks, let the kids play and talk, talk, talk
  • Send a joke text to make them smile
  • Give them a hug and let them know you have been there

Mom Support Group - Karma

If you can do even something so simple as send a text, which can change the course of a mom friends day why not? We are all in the same boat, whether we are working moms, SAHMoms, single child or multiple children moms.

As women we need to stick together, we are better in numbers. Our husbands might not understand why you need a minute just because; all moms have been there. Creating your own mom support system will not only make your life better, more fun and easier but you might get a Friday night to just unwind with the girls and how long has it been since that happened?


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