MOMentous Mothers Day

It is mothers day weekend. A weekend when all moms are supposed to be spoiled and shown the love they so richly show others everyday of the year. Since this does not always happen we want to show you love and remind you of a couple things.

MOMentous Moms - Not So SingleYou are extraordinary, all real moms are. We are all strong and smart women with totally different backgrounds, stories and parenting ideals. Being a mother breaks down a lot of barriers if you let it. You realize that every mother is “learning about strengths she did not know she had and dealing with fears she never knew existed.” It bonds us.

MOMentous Moms - Naturalist Mom QuoteIf you look past the differences you will see we all have some general things in common one of those big things is that we are good moms. Moms who try their hardest everyday to make sure our kids are healthy, happy, safe and secure, especially when we are not.

MOMentous Moms - Perfectionist QuoteWe love our kids with every sense of being. We are mother lions. You do not mess with us. We love our children with a fierceness only given by god.

MOMentous Moms - Not-So-Single QuoteWe all have those mom days when we try our hardest and feel like we are failing; even then we are super moms. As women we tend not to see the best in ourselves and of course are our own worst critics.

MOMentous Moms - Hot Mess QuoteWe are silently watching, loving, here if our kids need us and never too busy for a hug. We can read minds, heal boo-boos with a magic kiss, we are princesses and superheros.

MOMentous Moms - Perfectionist Mom QuoteWe chose to no long be the ideal image of ourselves for our children. We stretch and bend our bodies for them. We give them our blood, sweat and tears and ask for nothing in return. We give a piece of our amazingness to our children. We hurt and cry for them. We stay strong never letting them see how much it hurts when they walk away. We cheer and feel like we can fly when they grow and change, our hearts soaring at the sight of them.

MOMentous Moms - Naturalist QuoteWe are women in all stages of motherhood. Some are seasoned pros and others are just starting this crazy, hard, amazing, wonderful journey. Every single one of us is exquisite, strong, exhausted, and create sunshine for our children every day. This is no easy task, no easy journey but we do it because we are mothers.

MOMentous Moms - Hot Mess Mom QuoteHappy Mothers Day, we hope it is MOMentous!

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms


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  1. This is beautiful! There are plenty of difficult moments as a mom, but my amazing daughter makes all of those times worth it! 🙂
    Natalie recently posted…Road Trip Stop #2: Cay Pointe Villas, Indian Rocks Beach, FloridaMy Profile

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