Thanks to my Mom

Thanks to My MomAs Mother’s Day has recently passed I just wanted to take a second and give a thanks to my mom. For Mother’s Day all my mom wanted was to get together with the family and have a picnic. She was just happy to be off work and get to spend time with us. We went to the park with her and the kids and my Mother in Law and later went back to her house where she made a cheesecake since she knows it’s my husbands favorite. That’s the kind of person my mom is, thinks of others first every time.

I grew up with my mother only an unfortunately I had to watch her struggle at times and not everything was rainbows and butterflies. However, I can say that I never went without and she made sure to instill in me strong foundations and values. Education was the number one importance and now that I have children I completely understand where she was coming from when it came to a lot of things especially education. Because of my mom I am the strong willed, determined, independent person I am today.

I love the way my mom looks at life; it’s as if everyone has good in them and everyone deserves a chance. She donates to other countries and to the military every week. She volunteers at her church constantly and gives every ounce of energy she has to others around her. She is hopeful when no one else is and walks around everyday with faith and a smile on her face. She has the greenest thumb I have ever seen and can cook in her sleep. She is incredibly dependable and although naïve, she is willing to help anyone in need.

We are that mother – daughter pair who although didn’t always see eye to eye growing up; our relationship has only gotten stronger with time. I think being a mother of 2 has made me see her side of things like I never could before being a mom. When your kids make you so angry sometimes that you say or do things that you don’t mean just because you truly do want the best for them. Or when you don’t want them to date or basically go anywhere without you because to you everyone is a danger to your precious babies. She is an amazing grandmother to my children and sometimes I think she and my daughter are closer than me and my daughter but I understand everyone loves grandma =) I’m just so thankful that she is there for them as much as she is for me.

I wish I could do more for my mom sometimes but for now I’m just going to give her a huge shout out and say thanks for everything. I love you so so so much and am proud to call you my mom.

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