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Three on One - My Independent Kids5,2,1

Those are the ages of my children. We are in each stage of life on any given day. Every day is a new adventure. Every hour, minute, second of everyday.

5 can do what no one else can and that is be the absolute best big helper I could ask for.  2 doesn’t know whether he wants to be the big man on campus or Mama’s little man. 1 is special. Not only is she youngest of the trio, the only girl but so very tough.

They all have a commonality… independence. Boy oh boy are they driven, independent and problem solvers.  Their problems may include how they will con their sibling into forgetting about their current toy, how mom will magically allow them to have ice cream for dinner or how they will single handedly terrorize me with all needing every last drop of energy at the EXACT same time. This is to include, but is not limited to, pushing each other from my lap, following me around the house like ducklings jibber jabbering along the way, overlapping mischief, disagreeing on which movie to watch, stealing cookies from each other or deciding who will be the boss of the moment.

They drive me absolutely insane. They test my patience. They know how to make me absolutely nuts. They know which heartstring to tug at the most opportune moment. They know the precise moment to come puckering for smooches.

The perfect part of having three is that while two are off gallivanting in the moment one will always need Mama. While sometimes this may exhaust me or leave me feeling that I can’t catch a break, those moments are filling voids that I otherwise would have. As much as they need me for everything, God knew I needed them more.

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