Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home BabyThe day my son was born, my life was forever changed. I could not believe that I was a mom to this precious little boy. My husband, John, was there to cut the cord and take Monkey’s pictures, while he was getting cleaned up. He had a traumatic birth, as he was severely bruised. The nurse asked if he was a Baltimore Ravens fan, because he was so purple. After a couple of hours in the delivery room, it was time to move to the mother and baby unit.

Once we were all settled into the room, it was time for Monkey to meet his grandparents. My family, as you know lives in Florida, was able to be there, just a few hours after I had given birth. My brother was in NYC and took a train to Baltimore, while my parents flew up from Florida. I was very grateful to have my parents and brother to meet the newest addition of the family; we were just missing my sister.

Everyone was very excited to meet their first grandson and nephew, as he is the first on both sides of the families. John and I were very blessed to have our parents there, to share in this special moment in our lives.

Bringing Home Baby - His big happy familyI decided to breastfeed, which at first came easy, until Monkey decided not to latch on properly. I met with a lactation consultant in the hospital, who gave me tips on the proper, latch, etc. Little did we know, that the issues of improper latching was due to jaundice.

Bringing Home Baby - future so bright he has to wear shades!The doctor came in on day 2 to inform us that his bilirubin levels were elevated and needed to be put on a UV bed. It broke my heart, as I knew that we would not be going home the next day, but we were in the best place, to receive the proper treatment. Monkey had to be placed on the “baby tanning bed” at all times and could only be off to be fed and changed, which killed me, as I just wanted to hold my baby boy. He was sporting these sunglasses, which I called Baby Oakleys, however he constantly took them off. I had to supplement with formula, to help get the levels down. Once things progressed, breastfeeding was easier, especially once my milk came in.

After 3 days on the bed, the pediatrician said that his levels were coming down and the lights can be turned off. Now we had to wait six hours to get retested, to see if we were able to go home and start our lives as a family of three. The test took place at 4:00 PM and the next hour was the longest, as we waited for the results. 6:30 rolls around and the nurse came in to say that we were going home! Of course, I immediately busted into tears, as I could not wait to get out of the hospital and go home!

Bringing Home Baby - Welcome HomeNow the fun begins, as we start our lives as a family of three! There were will be plenty of sleepless nights, smiles, and happy memories, as we raise this beautiful baby boy. As a rookie mom, there will be a lot of tears of fear and excitement, but I cannot wait for this journey of motherhood.

The Rookie Mom

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