Changing My Last Name

Changing My Last NameTraditionally speaking, women tend to drop their maiden name and take on their new husbands last name. I too was one of the women who wanted to do this. Now, I am not a “traditional” person per se, but I believe taking your husbands name is, in a way, honoring the new man in your life that will be taking care of you. He has taken the place of my father, yet not in a fatherly way. I hope that makes sense.

When the time came, my thoughts changed. I thought that dropping my last name by birth completely, was dishonoring my father. It is funny I do not feel this way when a friend drops her name, this is simply how I felt for my circumstance. I felt so torn I wanted to honor both of the most important men in my life; the man who raised me and the man who I will spend the rest of my life with, and raise my children with. You would think this is an easy decision, but for me it was not.

After a ton of debating and thinking I finally decided. I decided that instead of dropping my fathers last name, I would simply ADD my new husbands last name. Yes, this gave me a total of FOUR names now, two of them being last names. I decided NOT to hyphen the names, because they had no connecting value. I simply have TWO last names now. Yes, two.

Not only do I carry both mens names now, it was also pretty easy to change my name on all of my important documents and other “things”. I didn’t have to rush, I could change them as I came across them, since I still held my maiden name, it was no issue using credit cards and other accounts. The very first thing I did was change my drivers license and social security card. Once that was complete, I knew I could take my time in getting everything else changed. There were some complications, it made signing legal documents, like purchasing our second home, a little more eventful but really, it worked out best for me.

Now, I get to carry both great men with me, two lifetimes of awesomeness. It may seem like a lot of names to some people, but to me, it is worth it. I would not do it any other way.

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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