Growing Up Mommy

As my daughter gets older I have realized that you stop or at least slow down on the freaking out about crazy things that kids do. You as a person change way deep down. What use to gross you out, tends to not even faze you. Things that use to annoy you, like the kid in the booth behind you jumping on the seat over and over (just for example) you seem to not even notice anymore.

It is time for another edition of my secret addiction, Someecards!!! Here are some amazing ones I have found for when you suddenly realize you are no longer the parent you were when they were new and fragile. Everyone seems to chill out a bit the older they get and the more children you seem to have.

For example, when my daughter was first born, I was so self conscious and let everyone have a say on whether I breastfed or not, even my in-laws. Well, no more!

Growing Up Mommy - My Breasts!I also remember when taking a shower use to be the most relaxing part of my day…no longer

Growing Up Mommy - Shower SchizophreniaAnd we stayed up until all hours of the night for fun?? (Still don’t understand that one)

Growing Up Mommy - Sleep like CrazyFriends with multiple kids always told me things would change…

Growing Up Mommy - Eating DirtNow that I am a slight bit more seasoned, like she is 2, things are slightly different…

Growing Up Mommy - Mommy confession casinoAnd I am learning a lot.

Growing Up Mommy - Silence is goldenI know one day I will reach the point most parents hit and I cannot wait!

Growing Up Mommy - What fazes youBut for now I just have to remember it’s the little changes that make all the difference 😉

Growing Up Mommy - Blogging confession

So tell me…how have you changed while growing up mommy??


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  1. OMG- these are hilarious! I went and posted the first one in my mommy group and it is getting a lot of love. LOL.
    Erin @ The Mini Skirt recently posted…Life lately & the end of picky eating?My Profile

    1. Thanks! They keep me sane by making me laugh 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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