May Round Up!

May Roundup!Hi everyone!

We hope you had an amazing May! Mother’s day was thrown in there so hopefully you or your wife were treated like a queen for at least a day. Before we get to far into June I wanted to give you a recap of some of the best posts from this last month!  Check them out please click, comment and share!

MOST IMPORTANTLY Our MOMentous Mother’s Day post! This is a love letter to all you moms out there. Never forget how amazing you are

MOMentous Mothers Day

The Naturalist Mom:

Bravery-(noun): See Motherhood – She shared why she thinks being a mom is the bravest job in the world and I could not agree more!

Three Against One – Independent Kids – Having three kids is no easy feat and they keep this busy mama on her toes but she is amazing therefore so are they.

The Hot Mess Mom:

Thanks to my Mom – Being that is was a month for mom The Hot Mess Mom wanted to send a little love her moms way!

An update on Potty Training – Don’t we all just love the potty training stage? Here is how it goes with boys.

The Rookie Mom:

Scariest Week of My Pregnancy – Pregnancy is one big roller coaster of a journey, especially if it is your first and you have no ideas what to expect. Here she shared one scary week.

An Open Letter to my Baby Boy – A beautiful letter from this mom to her then unborn baby boy. He is one lucky kid to have a mom who loves him this much!

The Perfectionist Mom:

Creating a Mom Support System – A firm believer in sometimes it takes a village here is why you need your mom friends and how to support those around you easily!

A New Edition and The Modern Maidens – I hold the amazing privilege of being the voice of the MOMentous Mom as well. Here are some important updates and things you NEED to know!

The Not-So-Single Mom:

Breastfeeding: My Plan vs. My Reality (Part 1) & Breastfeeding: My Plan vs. My Reality (Part 2) – This two part series shows how sometimes no matter how hard you try you just do not get to make the very important choice to breastfeed. Guess what that is okay!

An Open Letter from the Daughter of a Police Officer – With all of the craziness going on in our country right now sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that there are families behind our police force. Here is an amazing letter reminding us of that fact!

So there you have it the best of the best from this last month! There are more to check out just go to the archives on our sidebar and enjoy. We thank you for reading and hope you come back, pull up a chair and get ready for what is in store next month!

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms



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