Changing Your Life

I love change. I feel like if you are not changing and moving forward than you are standing still. I also feel like that has been me and my family for the past year. We have been waiting and hoping for a couple of things to come together, none of which really have, an as a result have been standing still. So I made the personal choice that it is time to jump off the train and move!

I needed to make a plan in order to not get overwhelmed with the change. Trying to do too much at once can paralyze a person. Also it is not just me anymore. I have to take my husband and more importantly our daughter into consideration. There are steps that I am taking to make sure our new path to the future is a smooth one.

Changing Your LifeI am starting slow. Making small changes will help not only me but my whole family. Even a change as small as shifting our routines can help. I started getting up an hour earlier, there is a lot a person can accomplish in an hour, even when they are not a morning person. I started making sure our daughter was in bed on time. No more late nights, with exceptions of course. These two little small changes have made a huge impact on the way our family runs.

I also made a small leap for me. I took a look at what I have been holding onto even metaphorically that has been possibly holding me back. I decided it was my hair. ¬†Women tend to change their outward appearance to either celebrate or help change their inward emotions. For some reason I had always thought long hair was an indicator of femininity and fertility, I didn’t want to cut my hair just in case we might get pregnant, then I could have long hair. It sounds SO silly saying that out loud but it’s the truth. Goodness I could write an entire post simply about this decision! Well, I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that we very well may not get pregnant and trying, more importantly waiting, has been holding me back more than anything else in my life. So I cut my hair. I took 12 inches off and got a super cute style. It has taken some getting use to but I am starting to love it. I feel lighter and more goal focused.

Changing Your Life - Or at least your hairThis one simple act has helped propel me forward. I have decided for the rest of our goals there are three main things that need I need to be conscious of in order to keep this positive momentum. They are:

  • Positive, clear, choices only. No muddy areas.
  • Make sure everyday is a step forward. Even if it is something only I can see.
  • Making sure they stick. This could be tough but is the most important.

I one thing I have decided to do which could make life a little bit tougher is to NOT share our goals. Yes, I am telling you and others that we are in a moment of transition but I am not sharing what we are moving toward. I have noticed that a lot of the time people put their feelings and opinions into your choices. It is human nature, but that nature can make you lose confidence and momentum. If you tell your close coworker that you are going for a promotion and she tried that a couple months ago and it did not go well, she might discourage you, which is the last thing you need. This is why we are not sharing. We are keeping our cards close to our vests and that way if our plans don’t work no one is disappointed or giving you those looks of “Wow that sucks”.

Don't always share your goals. You don't need everyones opinion. They are truly only important to you! Click To Tweet

Lastly,¬†Now that a lot of our little steps have moved into action there are some BIG plans that we are needing to really and truly prepare for. When you become a parent I have realized you can no longer just say, “Okay today I am going to quit my job and let the universe give me what I need.” Umm no, you are totally responsible for another life and need to have a job before you quit your job. The point is planning is important. Starting about 6 months to a year in advance of your deadline is the smartest thing you can do. This way you can research and make the smartest choices. You can prepare the family. Tell them what is coming so they are ready when the big day is here. Honestly, get yourself ready for the big day too.

I apologize, if this has been a bit of a generic post. I know that if it were me reading I would want to know…GIVE ME THE JUICY DETAILS! I will I promise…just give me time.


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