June Roundup!

June Round Up!I feel like this month has flown by faster than I could keep up with the days! Here is a roundup of our top posts from the month of June! Check them out please click, comment and share!

It was the Dad’s turn this month with Father’s Day! Hope you had a wonderful day for the special guy in your life.

Father’s Day Gratitude – Handing the blog over to her hubby for once, check out this sweet and loving post from one Perfectionist father to his girls.

The Hot Mess Mom:

Summer of Swimming – She shared with us some tips on most moms least favorite shopping adventure…bathing suit shopping.

Keeping Up Toddler Development when they stay at Home – When you keep your little one at home how do you make sure they keep up with their development milestones? Here are some tips!

The Rookie Mom:

My Birth Story – The Rookie Mom – She shared her amazing first step into motherhood with us.

Bringing Home Baby – What is it like to bring home a brand new baby? Here is an honest and touching look.

New Breastfeeding Mama’s Survival – Favorite Breastfeeding Gear – Expecting moms rejoice. This is an amazing list of everything you will need if you plan on learning to breastfeed your new bundle!

The Perfectionist Mom:

Disney World withOUT our Daughter – Deciding to go to Disney World withOUT our their daughter…is that legal??? Check out the fun!

Growing Up Mommy – Need a good laugh and dose of “I totally get that!” check out these amazing Someecards.

Taking the plunge with Advocare (kind of) – Ever heard of Advocare? Ever thought you might want to find a great new diet plan? Check it out. This is the first part in a three part series explaining everything from the diet itself to the supplements and how it makes you feel.

The Not-So-Single Mom:

Raising the Perfect Child – Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to make sure your kids are perfect? This mom does and here are her thoughts on the matter.

Out of the House Toddler Activities – Does your toddler get bored just sitting around the house? Who doesn’t honestly…here are some great ideas to keep toddlers busy and active.

The Naturalist Mom:

Moving Tips and Tales from a Family of 5 – While she may have been gone for a month there is a VERY good reason why. Check out what it takes to move a family of 5.

So there you have it the best of the best from this last month! There are more to check out just go to the archives on our sidebar and enjoy. We thank you for reading and hope you come back, pull up a chair and get ready for what is in store next month!

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms

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