MOMentous Moms Top 10 ways to Stay Mommy Strong

When you become a parent for the first, second, third or anytime really, there is always a chance that you will lose a piece of yourself. A piece of who you were; either before you had children or before your life got more chaotic, from having more children! If this happens, sometimes you get sad, depressed, frustrated; you may feel weak.

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All of us at MOMentous Moms have felt this way at one point or another.

We would like to give you the best ways we found to stay Mommy Strong!

  1. Showering uninterrupted! – Now I’m not saying it has to be alone, just not with your little bundles banging on the door. Whether it is alone or with someone else, having an uninterrupted shower can make all the difference. This can be one of the most challenging things for a new mommy to find time to do! So, put the baby down for a nap and instead of cleaning, go get sudsy!
  2. Get a good sweat going – Working out is one thing a lot of us miss. We loved going for a run alone or heading to the gym. If you cannot do it alone invest in a great jogging stroller, but honestly, being along, with your music is the best recipe.
  3. Date Night – As most new parents will tell you the thing they miss most, is, well, each other! Being a parent, it is easy to miss the person in the trenches with you. Find a sitter and take that handsome man or gorgeous woman out for a night on the town. Even if it’s just an hour for ice cream, it can help TONS!
  4. Catch some Zzzzz’s – Napping is something that you thought went away when your baby went past 6 months. That is not always the case. Little ones are non stop balls of energy and sometimes they wipe a parent out. Even if you don’t sleep, carve out quiet time for both you and baby. Reading, meditating or just sitting is great.
  5. Girls Night!! – Missing the woman you use to be? Missing your girlfriends? Get them together and go! Doesn’t really matter what you do, just make sure to carve out time for your old friends. The saying, you will need the people you knew when you were younger, is true. It helps you keep things in perspective. If they happen to be mommies, have the daddies take the little ones and switch next week.
  6. Dressing Up – I know that a lot of the suggestions up here require it but what about going to the grocery store or mall looking fabulous! Getting out of your mommy clothes rut can be a huge mood booster!
  7. Get Back into the Kitchen – We are not talking dinner here, we are talking gourmet! Find someone to watch the kids and grab your cooking buddy, even if all they do is pour you a glass of wine. You will feel like you are on a date. BTW, no cleaning the kitchen afterward, cuddling is a must.
  8. Mani/Pedi Anyone? – If you can fit in both, fantastic! If not, even one can make your day regardless. Really any pampering is amazing, massage, facial, you name it! Everybody feels better when their feet or nails look beautiful, even if you are rocking yoga pants and tank tops.
  9. Shopping – Some of our moms know the power of retail therapy! Buying something amazing, that you can afford, can bring a persons spirits up tremendously. Just make sure to actually find the time to rock that great purchase!
  10. Last but Certainly not least, DANCE IT OUT! – We are huge fans of dancing out of our funk. When something is bothering you whether it is by yourself or with a friend, put on music that makes you feel great and dance! Dance until you cannot feel your feet. This is one that even the little ones might join in on 😉

We hope some of these tips will help you stay mommy strong. Remember you are no good to anyone else if you are not good to yourself! 

Stay Mommy Strong,

Your MOMentous Moms

This was first published on July 19th, 2014.

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