Motherhood Changes You

Motherhood Changes YouThe day Monkey was born, my life immediately changed. I never knew how much of my life would actually change. I knew that my days of sleeping in are over, in addition to late nights out with my friends, but there are other aspects of my life that I didn’t think would change, but they did.

Before I became a mom, I would make the bed Monday through Friday, as the weekends were made for naps! However, I haven’t made the bed since Monkey was born, as that is the last thing on my mind. Laundry is piling up in the hamper, dining table is filled with paperwork, dishes are stacked in the sink, but none of that matters to me anymore. Some days I just need to do a quick cleaning of the house, but my house isn’t as clean as it was prior to becoming a mom.

Motherhood Changes You - A couple of the things I have lostAnother aspect of my life that has changed is friendships. When Monkey was born, all of my friends texted me wishing me congratulations, but now I haven’t heard much from any of them, which is sad. I’m still the same person, but now just a mom. My day is consumed with nursing, changing diapers, and just bonding with Monkey, but I am still available for a phone call, FaceTime, etc.

However a positive side of motherhood is that I have become closer with my fellow mommy friends. They have been amazing, as we share experiences, fears, milestones, etc. I wish my mommy friends lived closer, to get all of our little ones together, but I’ll be making a lot of trips down to Florida. I plan on joining a mommy and me class, at the local library in hopes of meeting other moms.

My relationship with my mom has also strengthened since becoming a mom. My mom and I were close, but now we are closer than ever. I know that I can call her at any time of the day to just talk or even cry, when I am having a bad day. It is very hard living so far away from my mom, especially now, but she visits as much as she can. Now that she has the Southwest Visa credit card, she’ll be making trips to Annapolis more often. When my mom comes to visit, she cleans the house, helps out with laundry, watch Monkey so I can nap, not to mention stock the freezer with meals! I appreciate my mom now more than I have ever and I think that is because I am now a mom.

Motherhood Changes You - My mom and I are so much closer.Motherhood changes your life in many different ways and not everyone will go through the same changes, sometimes change is good. I could not imagine my life without being a mom. I never thought I would be a mom, but my dream has come true with my miracle from God.

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