My Toddler and OCD

My Toddler and OCDI have self diagnosed my daughter as a bit OCD. I am no doctor; I am just a mom who see’s her child do things that the children around her are not.

During the month of July, she has been attending a toddler tumbling-type class at a cheerleading facility. It’s super cute to see her so excited to do what I call gymnastics (more on that at another time). She gets really excited about going to class, seeing the other kids and her coach.

As class proceeds, I watch her and the other kids interact. She is pretty shy and likes to watch and see what everyone is doing before she takes her turn. She is also very obedient, and will do what her coach tells her to. She is not one to run around and misbehave during class, as she see’s some of the other kids do sometimes. She HATES to get into trouble or be scolded, so she is very well behaved.

What I notice is that when they use things like the rubber stars for placement, she has to rearrange them. They have to be done in a certain way for her to be satisfied. If they aren’t aligned along the mat perfectly, she will fix everyone stars that will let her. It takes time out of class because her coach lets her finish her rearranging. They also use little rubber feet and hands for placement for certain skills. Holy moly if those feet and hands aren’t color coordinated, she will either fix them before anyone goes, or she will fix them before her turn. They also have to be aligned perfectly or it’s not ok to go.

At home, I put away a box of memory cards and she was not happy. She said “No mommy, that’s not right”, stomped over and moved the box to a different part of the shelf. Apparently I put it in the wrong spot and that was NOT ok by any means. She also constantly tells her daddy he needs to put a shirt on. She hasn’t realized yet that its ok for boys to go shirtless? She rarely allows me to NOT put her shirt or shorts back on when we are just hanging out at home.

I know that this may be a learned behavior. I have put rules in place and made a home for most everything she owns. I am not as bad in that sense with my own things, but I am a bit OCD for hers. All her clothes have a certain place and a way to be hung. Certain things like socks, swimsuits, panties, etc. have a specific place in her dresser or shelf and we do not stray from where those things go. That is why I am the only one that puts her clothes and toys away. If they aren’t where they are supposed to be, I get irritated. The same goes for my clothes and the dishes and certain household items. I had no idea though, that something I never thought to be a big deal or to be OCD could rub off on a child so young, and that it would actually begin to interfere with her activities. I have to tell her coach that she can stop her, and tell her to do something else other wise she will continue to fix things during class and not much time will be left to actually participate in class!

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  1. It’s so interesting how you can notice things in kids when they are so young!
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