Parenting Fears Never Go Away

Parenting Fears Never Go Away - You learn how to work around themWe love our kids so much that sometimes we want to put them in a bubble. From the time they are born; actually from the time we find out we are pregnant, the fears start to set in. During the pregnancy we worry about what we eat, what we listen to, what we say, how much weight we gain, and what life will be like.

From birth to 3 months we worry about how the baby is sleeping and breathing and the prevention of SIDS. We worry about people holding the baby and exposing them to too many harmful germs. At 6 months we worry about how the baby is moving when it comes to sitting and crawling. We worry that they are not meeting their milestones. We worry about feeding, falling down, and babysitters. At 1 years old we are worrying about walking, getting injured, getting lost, having to wean off of something or everything, and attachment issues. It literally never ends. With all those fears running through us daily no wonder we go nuts with making sure our kids are the smartest and healthiest.

I worry about both my kids in different ways due to the 6 year age difference but nonetheless I worry constantly. I worry that my 8 year old daughter will be bullied in school, or negatively influenced to do something or even worse I fear of never seeing her again if the unthinkable happened. I worry that my 2 1/2 year old son will make his way out the front door, or will hurt himself while playing, or will come down with a terrible illness.

Regardless these fears are constant and sometimes unmanageable. It can be a scary world and knowing that so many things are out of your control is a nightmare. I remember when I thought I needed counseling at one point because I felt that I had too many negative thoughts running in my head about what terrible things could happen to my kids and how I could prevent them.

We want what’s best for them so badly that it manifests into this insane fear of their environment. Please know that this is totally normal. In fact it can be healthy, as long as it is not debilitating. If you are able to manage it the fear will keep you on your toes and help you be very aware of your environment. Know that even when you feel like you might be going insane with worry you will be okay.

We all have different ways of doing things and different parenting styles all the way from birth to sending them off to college but every mom has this in common. Every mom worries about the safety and well  being of their kids; whether they are a new mom or a grandma, our kids will always be our babies. Just like how we now understand our parents ways of doing things when we were kids; our kids will understand one day too!

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