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read label organicWith school starting up again it is so easy to fall into a quick food bad habit. We are going to be featuring these wonderful posts from our Naturalist Mom to emphasize healthy eating now and in the future! 

Sure as heck didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a slow, sometimes consuming and overwhelming, five years. I’ve had my fair share of “binging” au natural products and hated it. I’ve wasted food trying to become healthier way to fast, and then learned subtle worked best for us.

It started about five years ago. I was pregnant with C1… I CRAVED everything horrible for me. Particularly Sonic. MMMmmmmmmm…. Sonic burgers galore. Ice Cream. Processed EVERYTHING. 70 pounds later and a bunch of crazy, preventable health problems = five years of fixes. By absolutely no means are we 100% clean eaters. And that is ok. We try to shoot for the 80/20 rule- this means 80% clean and 20% imperfection. That works for us. Lord knows I love my Starbucks. Childhood isn’t the same without a donut, and for God sake sometimes you just need that one day where a (not so good, but oh so tasty) childhood memory of ho hos, cookies and ice-cream creeps back into your cravings. But they are rarer and rarer as the years go by and my taste buds have changed.

So, in the effort to fix our lifestyle the first thing to go was soda, candy bars and anything that came from “roll back prices” stores and gas stations. Yes, I just compared the two. When it comes down to it, the products sold here are equally as bad for you. Try finding a non-processed item in either store. Anything that is organic meaning simply stated products without all the ingredients that should be from an alien planet. Just one!

From there it snowballed into making most things at home from scratch, then we started adding more and more organic, grass fed and non-conventional products into our lives. I became obsessed with reading and learning from blogs like Green Monster Movement and Mama and Baby Love, as well as Weston A. Price.

WHOLE FOODS, HEALTY FOODS. Not the store- the real deal. A little bit of elbow grease went along way…. in making our foods that is.

So the weight started to come off, I started to feel better and I was absolutely determined to teach my children a healthy food/nutrition relationship early. My husband wasn’t sold yet. He battled leaky gut symptoms, fatigue, body aches and horrible sleeping patterns. One day, while he was complaining, I just finally blurted out, “unless you are willing change anything, STOP COMPLAINING!!! You don’t put regular gas in a Mercedes Benz! YOU ARE NOT ANY DIFFERENT!!!!” And so it began…. My husband stopped drinking four Mountain Dews a day. Taco Bell runs ended- the runs (hahaha) literally. By NO means am I skinny. By no means is my husband a fit, gym rat. But we are healthy. It shows in our hygiene, physical and mental health. We feel so much better.

The simpler the ingredients are to understand, the better they are for you. Click To Tweet

The simpler the ingredients are to understand, the better they are for you. Shopping on the outside of the store generally provides the freshest, healthier foods. Ever noticed that the junk is in those middle aisles? Eating whole foods has never tasted better. And if I don’t like something, I only have me to blame- not a huge corporation that only has my dollar as their priority.

It all comes down to this….. if you do not understand the names of ingredients in your food, more often than not-IT’S NOT REAL FOOD!!!! And it is certainly not healthy food.

If you do not understand the names of ingredients in your food, more often than not-IT'S NOT REAL FOOD!!!! Click To Tweet

Just something to think about 🙂

The Naturalist Mom

This post was originally published June 26th, 2014

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  1. Jamie

    Naturalist Mom, I think I love you. I must get Perfectionist Mom to tell me who you are. 🙂 We are by no means 100% clean eaters either, but we have made huge changes in the last year and are doing better every day.

    (one question – is there a typo/missing word here: “if you understand the names of ingredients in your food, more often than not-ITS NOT REAL FOOD!!!!”??)

    1. The Natural Mama

      Lol you are 100% correct. “If you DON’T” is what was intended. I need to proof read better next time. My ideal life would be property with a huge garden, some chickens and enough room for my kids and dogs to be kids and dogs. But it would have to be relatively close to a beach. I need my ocean and seafood. Is there such a perfect location? I was so proud of myself, because when I searched for things in my cabinet it was super hard for me to find anything conventional. Proud mama moment….

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